Had this great idea: Live in Jersey City but work in NYC. Getting to the Big Apple from Jersey City was easy via a Community Lines bus at Journal Square. Silliness and sobriety seemed hand-in-hand at Port Authority 42nd Street. Union Square was ugly without the hordes. Further south, it was harry. Getting back to 42nd Street was even harrier.

Kennedy Boulevard, Union City, Bus Trip north from Journal Square, Jersey City to NYC.

42n Street, between 8th and 7th avenues, probably one of the few areas of the city where people could act silly.

42nd Street, at 7th Avenue. Tourists, of course. Inspiration for a Walking Dead Episode?

Whole Foods, 14th Street, across from Union Square. No long lines.

Union Square is ugly without people.

P-K4 Diehard

Northwest side of Union Square. People, somber and silent.

Not for the public. Work crews only. But I managed to sneak in. Coffee can make that necessary.

Line for dry ice, Union Square

No place for octogenarians. Bus stop west of Union Square. She said she was trying to get to Queens.

14th Street and 6th Avenue, ghostly.

Tourist at the ready. We both had Nikons.

8th Avenue and 14th Street: She did not get on this bus but "we" got her on the next for her trip back to Queens.

Busload of NYPD

Kennedy Boulevard, Union City, heading north back to Jersey City. About 45 minutes getting in. Two hours to get from 14th Street & 8th Avenue to Port Authority at 42nd Street. People were not happy.