Journalist Manny Jalonschi Reviews Bob Woodward’s Fear

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Manny Jalonschi

Finished reading “Fear” by Bob Woodward. Play-by-play accounting more than analysis, the book succeeds the most as a testament to the many people around Trump who supposedly think he is incompetent and dangerous. This amounts to a criminal achievement as those around him support MOAB dropping; mass deportation; a war on immigrants and immigration (especially family-connected migration); the stripping away of women’s human rights through judicial appointments; giving space for white supremacism to grow even more in numbers and lethal boldness; a permanent war for U.S. cultural, economic and force-hegemony; a permanent peace for various butchers who side with U.S. leadership in its permanent-war for U.S. forces, cultural and economic hegemony; the privatization of everything from war and veterans services to public school.

From Woodward’s

These are not good people. And if THEY are the check on Trump, then really there is no check on Trump, merely various blinders-and-whips, personified carrots-and-sticks to push the megalomaniacal President from one guided hell-on-earth-for-the-many to another. Rex Tillerson and Stephen Miller and Kellyan Conway and Steve Bannon and General John F. Kelly are there to guide Trump towards his horrifying goals and they act accordingly.

Trump is a criminal, racist, sexist, LGBT-bashing megalomaniac – he said Trans People were getting “snipped” in a staff meeting –  willing to kill by the hundreds of thousands and even millions. Remember when he was confused as to why the U.S. doesn’t regularly nuke places? Remember when he bragged about a nuke-button to Kim Jong Un as part of a threat?

The threat was real, the button was not.

He’s made himself and the oligarchs around him even richer, more powerful, more in-control-of-society, more dangerous. And his assistants play a big enabling and empowering role in achieving that. That’s what’s disappointing about Fear. Woodward breezes past the MOAB, passed the mass slaughter of civilians in Yemen, passed the domestic and foreign horrors unleashed by Trump.

Instead of those horrors, Bob Woodward sees and writes up a president who succeeds despite his varying assistants trying to keep him from his worst instincts. This is a misleading misinterpretation.

Trump is far more dangerous than that. So are his sycophants, assistants and abetting co-conspirators against the people living within the borders of these United States.

Trump is a mass-murdering bigot oligarch.

I don’t get how someone writes about The Troubles of a mass-murdering bigot-ass oligarch in trying to pulverize the world into submission (the guy really does think he’s king) as if though such a protagonist is not to be detested down to the marrow. Woodward narrates a story of an oligarch ascendant, never bothering to include the desperate consequences (or are they Donsequences?) for the rest of us.

In that, Woodward has done a disservice to Trump’s victims by giving him such a pass.

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