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Film at Lincoln Center
THE LOAD Film Review

Anyone, especially cinema aficionados, planning to see Ognjen Glavonić’s superb THE LOAD, originally titled TERET, shouldn’t be surprised if they experience the visceral sensations of a déjà vu moment reminding them of Henri-Georges Clouzot’s WAGES OF WAR (1952) and William Friedkin’s SORCERER (1977).

LONG GONE BY Red Carpet Interview of Erica Muñoz & Izzy Hau’ula

By Gregg W. Morris – The lives of Ana Alvarez, a single Nicaraguan mother living and working hard in Warsaw, Indiana, and her teenage daughter, Izzy, also working hard as well as going to school and getting great grades, are disrupted because of the cruel fate of a routine check that leads to a deportation order for mom – but not for her daughter, who has just been accepted to Indiana University. The sacrifices and risks that Mom takes risks to help her daughter realize her dreams before she is deported will make many in the audience cringe.

VILLAINS Film Review

By Gregg W. Morris – Jules&Mickey played by Maika Monroe and Bill Skarsgård are an expletive-taunting, gun-wielding, pain-inflicting Bonnie&Clyde brimming with machismo, and they rob and steal at gunpoint to make $$$ to retire to a Florida beach. Fate has them subsequently meet up with George and Gloria played by Jeffrey Donovan and Kyra Sedgwick who could have easily starred in Director Wes Craven’s five-star horror piece, THE PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS, as Craven’s serial killing cannibalistic home owners. Uh oh!


By Gregg W. Morris – Nicola and his friends dream of a lush life of fancy clothes, expenive restaurants, lavish consumer goods and sex with beautiful nubile girls as well as trysts at brothels. And, of course, they want more expensive motor scooters. Their dreams come true – at a cost! – in Director Claudio Giovannesi’s superbly lensed cinemagraphic tale.


Based on a real event in the late 1880s, a competition that that persists today, SAMURAI MARATHON, starring Takeru Satoh, Nana Komatsu and Mirai Moriyama, and directed by Bernard Rose, should rock the cinematic richter scales when it is released. It was the opening night film for the 2019 NYAFF.