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THE SKYJACKER’S TALE Director’s Interview: Should Director Jamie Kastner’s 2017 Film Make Him the Swashbuckling Film Director of 2007?

Bravura story telling by Canadian Director Jamie Kastner about Ishmael Muslim Ali, one of four men convicted of murdering eight people at a swank golf course in St. Croix , U.S. Virgin Islands, 1972, and who 12 years later hijacked an American Airlines passenger jet to Cuba where, after a short stay in an island prison, was granted political asylum.


By Avid Maldonado, February 13, 2017 The eponymous MY NAME IS EMILY opens up with Emily in a bathtub, saying, “Life happens quickly” and that people hope that once they wake up (assuming that they will) they can resolve their…

Epic Pictures Group Acquires Sci-Fi Somnus for Cannes

Edited by Gregg Morris Film production, financing and distribution studio Epic Pictures Group has acquired the worldwide sales and distribution rights to the sci-fi thriller SOMNUS, written by Russell Owen and Chris Reading who also directs. Reading’s directorial debut,…