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BLOOD OF WOLVES (KORO ORÔ NO CHI) is a kinetically charged yakuza movie with over the top, stylishly done frenetic scenes of sex (good, bad, naughty), violence, depravity, debauchery and dehumanization, all inextricably connected to systemic police corruption. The result is a topnotch cop-crime story.

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From vicious, life-destroying phone scams to balletic battles between equally corrupt cops and yakuza, NYAFF offers films that reflect on contemporary society while offering extreme genre pleasures.

CHAINED FOR LIFE Movie Review, 10th Annual BAM Cinema Fest

A brilliant, acerbic depiction of “gonzo surrealism” about an “outré art-horror” movie being shot in a semi-abandoned hospital – that was the publicity hook for this reviewer who was subsequently swept up in the reverie of a Brooklyn filmmaking auteur’s stylistic Super 16mm movie flushed with scenes surreal or with the verisimilitude of a reality TV show.

Filmmakers of two of the best films at the May 8 screenings of the festival: SELL YOUR BODY, directed by Jaanelle Yee and NORMAN PINSKI COME HOME, directed by Aaron Rudelson.


A lightning bolt cuts short the life of a Jewish plumber’s son, Norman Pinski, played by Mark Gessner. But … Dr. Vanderwal, a celebrated local baldness doctor, played by Lee Tergesen is secretly a modern day Dr. Frankenstein.