Larry Romanivich Reviews THE ENDLESS, a Horror Movie with a Classy Sci-Fi Burnish

Successfuliy infusing suspense and horror is not easy for a moviemaker. But if accomplished, a film will have audiences dangling on the edge of their seats. THE ENDLESS is one such film.

A 2017 American horror film (with a sci-fi burnish), co-directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, and written by Justin Benson, tells the story of two brothers who return to visit an UFO cult that they fled 10 years earlier. Despite news stories with interviews of the brothers about their escape and the brothers reflecting and trying to recall their experiences over the 10 years, the brothers still are certain about the fear that caused them to flee.

The film offers an interesting perspective about cults and is surprisingly original, considering how the horror film genre is saturated with repetitively boring productions dependent on gore and sex to make up for insipid filmmaking.

One of the best features about the film is the pacing. The story starts slow and little by little more details are fed to us until about half way through its111 minutes, the plot, seizing our imaginations and firing up our fears, skyrockets into the stratosphere. till the very end. Pacing, in my opinion, is one of the most important elements in films and if it done successfully and creatively, adds a dimension of success to a movie.

The film benefits from being grounded in reality, the fact, that this was an independent film, given a little bit of a gritty look. Most scenes cycle through dark scenery and when it isn’t dark, everything is covered in an orange hue. All of this, plus the very convincing acting of the Co-director Justin Benson as a main character results in an imaginative, creative success.

But who is this film for? Audiences that want immediate action and movement should not be turned off by what appears to the early slow pacing of the story. There will be a payoff d in the end because this film has a gripping finale.

THE ENDLESS is an excellent horror film that combines themes of reality and science fiction. I think that its slow pacing sets it apart from the pack of boring and insipid horror films of today and people will talk about this movie for years to come.


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