Not One Lament Thus Far

Crystal Rand, a 20-year-old junior and media studies major with a journalism concentration, said her semester started well. She was one of three students interviewed about their experiences the early weeks of the semester. Not one was unhappy with the way things were going at the time of their interviews.

“My first few weeks were smooth. I didn’t have a lot of homework and my professors were interesting. Though, I haven’t gotten a lot of sleep which I think shouldn’t happen until like the third week of school,” said Rand.

Crystal Rand on the third-floor sky bridge. Picture by John Carlo Atordido

No sleep? “I’ve just been getting a lot of assignments from all my media classes and it’s a little hard to keep up,” said Rand who was interviewed on the third floor cross walk connecting the North and West buildings. She lives in Woodside, Queens. Rand said she was “looking forward to is studio news production” class. She explained, “I’m actually filming and being part of a newscast for Hunter. I was so happy because my first task is an arts reporter. I feel like my professor did it because she knows it’s an interest of mine.”

“I’m also taking modern structure of English (a linguistics class), online journalism, mass media and propaganda, and a drawing class,” said Rand, wearing a fuzzy gray blue sweater, blue jeans and light brown boots. “I’m taking an art class because I want to have a background in art to go along with my background in journalism and filming.

She was taking a linguistics class because she was considering English as a minor and because she wanted to use her electives to take classes with friends. “Which is also why I’m taking my drawing class, two of my friends are majoring in art,” she said.

She also said she like the fact that her classes send early except Mondays. And she also said that her propaganda class required her to do a kind of show and tell with her using her Facebook and Instagram accounts. “It felt so weird,” she said.

Student 2

Leah Drayton, a 21-year-old senior and English and media studies double major with a journalism concentration was fully ready for the semester.

Picture by Dennis Metoyer.

“My first few weeks have been really busy but I’m a senior, so I’m taking classes I enjoy,” she said. She also has a campus job., “I’m generally on campus a lot, going to events and researching the school,” said Drayton, wearing red jeans, a green tunic, brown toe-pointed boots and a red headscarf. Drayton, of Mill Bason, Brooklyn, was interviewed in the third floor cafeteria.

She said that she was taking a Blackness and Inscription class because she really loves “history and explorations into race, class, and gender. I want to be a writer so I believe it’s important to understand how my identity works in my inscription, feminism.” Regarding her ethnic background, she said, “I am from Saint Vincent. And I identify as black.”

Any curve balls this semester? “All my professors have been heavily vetted by Rate My Professor,”  she said. “I did, however, teach my online journalism class the importance of rappers’ vocabulary and metaphors and launched a conversation about the African Goddess of Fertility.”

Student 3

Arwa Abdelhamid, a 19-year-old sophomore studying biochemistry and classical studies, said her “first few weeks have been good. I’ve been trying to get back into good study and management habits.” She wore jeans and an Hunter athletics shirt and was interviewed on the seventh floor of the Hunter North lounge; she lives in Huguenot, Staten Island.

Abdelhamid said she was taking a Greek history this semester. “It’s so much fun and it’s a break from my science classes. I’m taking that class for my major and because I’m super interested in Ancient Greece,” she said.


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