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U.S. life expectancy hovers around 78  – over 80 in several other countries – and many like to imagine that love will help keep them, as much as possible, happy, fresh and invigorated for the rigors awaiting them in their latter years. Oscar-nominated short documentary EDITH+EDDIE by award-winning Laura Checkoway tells us about the love between two nonagenarians who met while playing the lottery.

They are the oldest interracial newlyweds in America at the time of the film’s shooting, and the story about their lives dealing with the vagaries of life would cut a picture of bliss if this was a Hollywood feature and not a documentary. Edith, 96 and Eddie, 95, dance at a honky-tonk and go to church. Affection, prayer and faith enrich their life. Tying the knot caused an awakening for them. At the start of each day, Eddie helps her put in her teeth. They are always holding hands. They also need each other, not only because  Edith has been diagnosed with mild dementia but they are in a nasty feud with family members.

Two of Edith’s daughters are fighting for control of the house where the couple lives (it’s owned by Edith). One wants to evict Edith and sell the house and the other wants to keep her there. We are provided a real-world look at how seniors have their rights, their properties, their treasured moments and their lives stolen from them. The couple is infantilized, and we see how brutally legal power can triumph over love.

The one and only Cher – recall her Oscar as Loretta Castorini in MOONSTRUCK – reportedly saw a news story about Edith’s and Eddie’s legal battle and hooked up as an executive producer with Director Checkoway for this painful lesson wrapped inside a heartbreaking love story. How we treat our seniors and what that treatment says of us has rarely been portrayed in such a disturbingly emblematic tale of the banal triumphing over the beautiful.



Now for the big surprise: Watch the entire short here, courtesy of, Topic.



Director, Editor, Producer
Checkoway has won numerous awards including the IDA Documentary Awards Best Short 2017. Her award-winning debut film LUCKY screened at festivals across the globe and premiered on television in 2014.


Filmmaker Thomas Lee Wright has produced documentaries for the Discovery Channel, Human Rights Watch, and others. He has been a story editor at Walt Disney and Columbia Pictures and creative executive at Paramount. Currently, he is Executive Producer of Richard Linklater’s LAST FLAG SHOWING starring Laurence Fishburne, Bryan Cranston, and Steve Carell. His book, The Family Guide to Preventing Elder Abuse is available online and in bookstores everywhere.

Karina Rotenstein is a Canadian film producer, programmer and creative development advisor in documentary and fiction. Her film titles include: LUCKY (2014); 10% – What Makes A Hero? (2013); and the upcoming Screen Time (2018). She is the Industry Conference Programmer at TIFF [Toronto International Film Festival], including featured masterclasses with Aaron Sorkin, Jill Soloway, Cheryl Boone Isaacs and Rob Reiner.

Co-Producer + Editor
P. Corwin Lamm is the editor and producer of the award-winning documentary Survival Prayer. His other documentary credits include co-directing Have I Got a Witness and editing Bury Me in Redwood Country. Lamm is a multimedia artist whose weekly radio show, Tesla Effect, can be heard on Newtown Radio.

Neil Barrett is a British director of photography who has worked on over 30 broadcast documentary films for National Geographic, BBC, PBS, Discovery, The History Channel, NBC, ABC and CNN. Three of his feature documentaries – The Woodmans (2010), The Other City (2009), and Kicking it (2008) – have been released theatrically in the United States. His work has won several awards: a Columbia Dupont award for excellence in journalism, the Edward R. Murrow award for a documentary on the civil war in Liberia, and four Cine Golden Eagle Awards.

John Larson is a documentary cinematographer who works on a wide variety of projects with a focus on vérité filmmaking.


Executive Producer


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