WORD Staffers Breffni Neary & Annie Murphy & the Midterm Elections in New York

WORD reporter Breffni Neary, 21, interviewed about midterm elections, said, “The midterm is a chance for voters to show government officials that they’re not happy with current affairs,” and she also said, “Elections are part of democracy.”

“A lot of candidates in New York (representing different constituencies) are up  for elections. There are elections for governor, senate, attorney general, comptroller and etcetera.”

Who will Neary vote for? And why ? Neary, who lives in Queens, and is majoring in education and media studies, was asked several questions.  “I’m voting for Cuomo, Gillibrand, Ocasio-Cortez, Letitia James, DiNapoli, and Hochul. These are all Democrats, and a few are incumbents. I am voting for them based on party lines but also hope as well as belief in their ability.”

Responding to a question by this reporter, Neary said, “Citizens are eligible to vote but not if they’ve been disenfranchised due to felony conviction.” She was asked if independents can vote in midterm elections? “Independents can vote, I believe, but not in the primaries if it’s a closed primary state,” Neary said. She also was asked to compare Democrats and Republicans and their ideologies. “Democrats tend to be more liberal, focused on social good, Republicans more conservative, individualistic,” she said.

Pew Research Center: Republicans, Democrats See Opposing Party as More Ideological Than Their Own

Annie Murphy, 21, a media studies major with a concentration in journalism, was asked what midterm elections meant to her? Said Murphy, “Honestly not much, I tend to tune out when politics are involved but now there has been a huge push for the youth to start voting so it’s everywhere now.”

Murphy, who lives in Lynbrook in Nassau County, Long Island,  was asked several days ago whom she will support. She said, “I am not sure who I will vote for yet; I need to do more background research on the candidates so I can make an accurate decision on my choice.”


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