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THE QUEEN OF BASKETBALL (Short, 21 minutes), World Premiere, Tribeca Film Fest 2021 – Review by Gregg W. Morris

Accomplished filmmaker Ben Proudfoot, because of a tip from a friend, inadvertently Googles his way to one of the greatest women basketball players ever to step on a court in these here United States. Also, he writes, she is “a gifted and open storyteller with a clarion memory.” Together, they make cinematic “music” unlike any many of us have seen and heard in years. A film that is literally and figuratively a beacon of hope and harmony with its nostalgia bitter and sweet, especially during this brutal period of COVID-19.
Is this not the seeds for a magnum opus feature film of some length if not sequels? A lengthy TV series, or a Netflix super-duper special? This reviewer is ready to be signed up!

NO RUNNING Film Review – 2021 Tribeca Film Festival Online World Premier, Juneteenth Programming

NO RUNNING seem to have the elements of a winning formula – talented filmmakers, actors, actresses, writers, producers and moolah – to make a stellar movie about racial injustice by drawing on B-movie sci-fi trappings and UFO abductions and their own personal experiences with racial injustice to tell their story in a metaphorical way. With so many Blacks and People of Color being murdered, shot and brutalized by police, there were expectations they would flex some panache. Well, writes reviewer Gregg W. Morris, we should never forget that the best laid plans of mice and men – and filmmakers – often go astray.

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Mr. GAGA: A True Story of Love and Dance (2015)

Mr. GAGA is a compelling account of the life of internationally famous Israeli choreographer and contemporary dancer, Ohad Naharin. Through vivid depiction of Naharin, we learn of the rigor and courage it can take for a human being to live an honorable life. His Gaga technique is a movement language intended to help dancers raise physical awareness by focusing on the rhythm of their bodies, letting them direct their movement and the pleasure that movement brings. – Review by WORD Entertainment Editor Anakeiry Cruz


The famous writer Femke Boot, struggling with agonizing writer’s block, is being assailed in cyber space by misogynistic Twitter trolls consumed with sadistic rape-fuck fantasies. Little do the trolls realized that they are signing themselves up on the endangered species list of a remorseless, trophy-collecting serial killer tracking them on Google as they stalk her on Twitter. For those of us who believe in righteous revenge, the kill scenes are Oh là là! But this Dutch-made movie about life in Holland is more than just a flick about revenge.
By Gregg W. Morris


Because human remains and “the pasquinade teeth of Vito Morelli” were somehow grounded into Tablioni’s famous meat sausage that everyone craves, residents in the California town, if not the state or the rest of the country, are at risk of becoming human shish kabobs and slop-sloppy Joes – and zombies.
By Gregg W. Morris


This sagaciously witty production serves as a reminder of the creative ingenuity that can make a short film as aesthetically sumptuous as a regular feature. In the course of 35 minutes, an important message is expressed subtly but in depth and through exquisite acting and the Oscar-winning plot.
By Entertainment Editor Anakeiry Cruz