ON THE DIVIDE Documentary Film Review

ON THE DIVIDE begins in 2016 in the town of McAllen, Texas, at the site of the only abortion clinic in the US/Mexico border area, Whole Woman’s Heath. It is under siege by holier-than-thou antiabortionists working out of  the anti-abortion McAllen Pregnancy Center one door down, on the same side of the street. They lay claim that their Christian (G)od supports their trespassing, beaming sonic booming barrages of music from audio devices at the clinic and engaging in other harassing forays teeming with menace. ON THE DIVIDE is gripping and compelling, edge-of-the-seat story telling at its best, with 79 minutes of take-a-deep-breath cinematography about one of the most contentious sociopolitical issues of the ages about a woman’s right to choose. – By Gregg W. Morris