SHADY GROVE Film Review – A Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth Film Review

Duke Ellington: “Don’t mean a thing if it don’t have that swing.” SHADY GROVE comes up short on swing – but that doesn’t mean that a cult following couldn’t be in the works for a film that in many years from now could become regarded as a classic.

The first 14 minutes are enticing and promising, and the last 14 minutes or so are tantalizing, almost ingeniously with a startling film denouement that could inspire Director John Carpenter to come out of retirement; George A. Romero and West Craven to return from the grave; Jordan Peele to sequelize GET OUT 1, 2, 3; Nia DaCosta to sequelize CANDYWOMAN; Kari Lakes to renounce Trump, apologize to the Bidens and become a nun; Amy Coney Barrett succor Planned Parenthood.

– Review by Gregg W. Morris