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Award Winning Student Journalist Kadia Goba at Investigative Reporters and Editors Convention

“I come to you from the failing New York Times” – Nikole Hannah-Jones’s opening remark of her keynote address at ,the 41st annual Investigative Reporters & Editors Conference, Phoenix. Arizona. Senior Editor Kadia Goba who wrote this story was at the conference because she as a recipient of a Columbia Journalism School Student Fellowship to the conference.

First Known As Minnehanonck

Article by Hope Dietsch, who writes that ne of the features about Roosevelt Island is that it is five subway minutes from one of the most interesting cities in the in the world.

“This School Is Not Too Bad”

By Carmen Rios-Nuñez   Students interviewed for this article say Hunter provides them a decent affordable education. “This school is not too bad,” said Malik Young, 20, a junior majoring in film, who said his mother wanted him to enroll…

Getting That Degree

By Senior Writer Dayna Haffenden, December 29, 2016 About 14 percent of students are able to find jobs after they graduate, according to a May, 2015 study but that LOW percentage would NOT stifle the hopes of Colleen Ashwood,…