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THE SKYJACKER’S TALE Director’s Interview: Should Director Jamie Kastner’s 2017 Film Make Him the Swashbuckling Film Director of 2007?

Bravura story telling by Canadian Director Jamie Kastner about Ishmael Muslim Ali, one of four men convicted of murdering eight people at a swank golf course in St. Croix , U.S. Virgin Islands, 1972, and who 12 years later hijacked an American Airlines passenger jet to Cuba where, after a short stay in an island prison, was granted political asylum.

First Known As Minnehanonck

By Roosevelt Island Correspondent Hope Dietsch, May 1, 2017 One of the features of Roosevelt Island is that it is five subway minutes from one of the most interesting cities in the in the world. As many New Yorkers know,…

Spring Semester Begins

By Carlos Diaz, March 23, 2017 On a cold winter morning, January 30, 2017, the entrances of Hunter swelled with students entering the campus for the start of the spring semester. Several were interviewed about their first week of experiences…