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Destination of old published stories.

Taylor Stanich Reviews Netflix’s Collateral, Says It’s a Must See

The story follows every step of detective Kip Glaspie’s investigation of what appears to be just another random street shooting. Glaspie – female, pregnant and will to stand up to her superiors – is played by Carrie Mulligan, who however, quickly senses an off beat tone of what other detectives and forensic types assume is a simple robbery-homicide

17th Tribeca Film Festival Short Film Lineup of 55 Narrative, Documentary and Animated Selections

The short films will be presented in 10 distinct competition programs, which consist of five narrative, three documentary, one animation, and one hybrid program. The program will also include special screenings and the 12th annual Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival, sponsored by Mohegan Sun. The Shorts Film program, sponsored by Nutella®, runs throughout the Festival, April 18-29.

Teleconference on the Future of Immigration Reform in Light of a Hostile White House Administration

The conference was organized by Ethnic Media Services and Ready California to provide updated information about immigration reform and what it means for the country, proposed policy changes from DACA to H-1 B visas, family reunification travel bans and refugee restrictions, the impact for Muslim and Arab American communities and the targeting of African and Afro-Caribbean immigrants.


How we treat our seniors and what that treatment says of us has rarely been portrayed in such a disturbingly emblematic tale of the banal triumphing over the beautiful.