Author: The WORD

Commuting: The Good, the Bad, the Ugh

Article by Kara Paternostro
Time management should be an essential tool for students juggling classwork, studies, extracurricular activities, relationships, jobs, internships and family responsibilities, especially if they must commute long distances.

The Heat is on As the Semester Ends

Two students interviewed about their most pressing concerns as the semester ends said increased police presence on city streets and the subway in the wake of the Brussels terrorist attacks raised their awareness about possible terror attacks in New York.

Beyonce: Formation, #BlackLivesMatter

Beyonce’s Formation started an uproar and was labeled by several critics as “anti-police.” Several police organizations have called for a boycott of her performances. Opinions on social media seemed to be split 50/50, but students interviewed for this article were on Team B.