Author: The WORD

A Historic Campaign

Ricardo Montero-Hernandez was one of several WORD reporters assigned to interview potential voters about their presidential preferences. Five interviewed for this article said that Americans are upset and alarmed with Congress.

One of the Biggest Challenges Facing Recent Graduates

Article by Emily Chiriboga
An estimated 3,000 undergraduates and graduates students were expected to graduate and many were expected to gather at Madison Square Garden for Hunter’s Hunter’s 2016 commencement June 2. Three anticipating their exit from Hunter were interviewed about their expectations in the face of sobering statistics about post graduate job opportunities.

Commuting: The Good, the Bad, the Ugh

Article by Kara Paternostro
Time management should be an essential tool for students juggling classwork, studies, extracurricular activities, relationships, jobs, internships and family responsibilities, especially if they must commute long distances.