DOC NYC 2020 November 11-13, Part 7: Spotlight On Canada, Feature Films, Short Films, Shorts Programs

Spotlight On Canada – A showcase of the Canadian titles that are represented throughout the festival’s sections. Co-presented by the Consulate General of Canada in New York.

Feature Films

9/11 KIDS
Short Films

Leisure, Pleasure (DOC NYC U)
Oil and Water
Road to Roxham
Sing Me a Lullaby
The Water Walker



The 43 shorts in the following 8 programs are part of the juried Shorts Competition.

Shorts: All Alone Together
Individuals and their circumstances illustrate the universal need to connect.
Huntsville Station (Dir: Jamie Meltzer, Chris Filippone; Prod: Jamie Meltzer)
Tumbling Towards Home (Dir/Prod: Imelda O’Reilly; Prod: Joe Foley)
Material Bodies (Dir: Dorothy Allen-Pickard; Prod: Julie Vergez, Lucy Pucillino)
Perfectly Frank (Dir/Prod: Dan Hunt)
The Grass Is Always Greener on TV (Dir: Matt Pizzano; Prod: Nic Wehmeyer)
The Seeker (Dir: Lance Edmands; Prod: Kyle Martin, Sarah Tihany)

Shorts: All That Matters
A look at what’s most important in life.
Take a Vote (Dir/Prod: Jamie Boyle; Prod: Molly Kaplan)
Sown (Dir/Prod: Calvin Mumm; Prod: Taylor Kiser)
Quiet No More: The Struggle of Reverend Sharon Risher
(Dir/Prod: Eléonore Hamelin)
The Undocumented Lawyer (Dir: Chris Temple, Zach Ingrasci; Prod: Jenna Kelly)

Shorts: Art Time
Visual creatives and the perspectives they imagine.
Her New York (Dir/Prod: David Gross)
The Incredulity of Jacolby Satterwhite (Dir: Lorena Alvarado; Prod: Nick Ravich)
Betye Saar: Taking Care of Business (Dir: Christine Turner; Prod: Erin Wright)
All the Possibilities… (Dir/Prod: Marsha Gordon, Louis Cherry)
When I Write It (Dir: Nico Opper, Shannon St. Aubin)
Unsung Heroes of Ink (Dir/Prod: Olivia Wang)

Shorts: In This Life
Stories running the gamut of human experience.
Patty Are You Bringing Weed in From Jamaica? (Dir/Prod: Matthew Salton)
White Nights (Dir/Prod: Diego Collados V)
Mizuko (Dir/Prod: Kira Dane, Katelyn Rebelo)
Shadegan (Dir/Prod: Ako Salemi)
Lions in the Corner (Dir: Paul Hairston; Prod: Jake Ewald)
To Calm the Pig Inside (Dir/Prod: Joanna Vasquez Arong)

Shorts: New York Strong
Films demonstrating New Yorkers’ grit and resilience.
A Week in June (Dir/Prod: Jay Sansone)
Road to Roxham (Dir/Prod: Cristian Gomes)
Urban Growth (Dir/Prod: Nate Dorr, Nathan Kensinger)
By Way of Canarsie (Dir: Emily Packer, Lesley Steele; Prod: Shirin Ghaffary)
The Grand Tour (Dir: Erin Babbin, Michael Sullivan; Prod: Erin Babbin)

Shorts: Roots
An exploration of who we are and where we come from.
Motherland (Dir: Ellen Evans; Prod: Alice Hughes)
Crescendo! (Dir/Prod: Alex Mallis; Prod: Perri Peltz, Matthew O’Neill)
24 (Dir/Prod: Brian Yulo Ng)
Mommy’s Nightmare (Dir/Prod: Jonathan Napolitano; Prod: Brian Bolster,
Kayleigh Rose)
Hayat (Dir: Rendah Haj; Prod: Maudie Osborne)
Sing Me a Lullaby (Dir/Prod: Tiffany Hsiung)

Shorts: She Stories
Films by or about women.
Making the Case (Dir/Prod: Jennifer Callahan)
First Move (Dir/Prod: Arielle Edelman)
Pam (Dir/Prod: Amit Lerner)
The Water Walker (Dir/Prod: James Burns; Prod: Stevie Salas, Kevin Munroe,
Gabriela Dematteis)
Just Hold On (Dir: Sam Davis, Rayka Zehtabchi; Prod: Mehrdad Sarlak)
The Heart Still Hums (Dir/Prod: Savanah Leaf, Taylor Russell)

Shorts: Speak Up, Stand Up
Disrupting the system.
Oil and Water (Dir/Prod: Anjali Nayar; Prod: Andreas Mendritzki)
Stonewall 2069 (Dir: Samuel Douek; Prod: Bec Evans, Nikta Mohammadi)
Lupita (Dir: Monica Wise Robles; Prod: Eduardo Gutiérrez Pérez)
Welcome Strangers (Dir/Prod: Dia Sokol Savage; Prod: Garret Savage)


The festival’s long-running section showcases some of the city’s top student documentary filmmaking programs. Seven programs reveal the nonfiction filmmakers of tomorrow, with work from CUNY, Columbia University, Hunter College, The New School, New York Film Academy, New York University, and School of Visual Arts. Co-presented by HBO Documentary Films.

From the City University of New York (Brooklyn College, City College, City-Tech):
COVIDEO (Dir/Prod: Alan Nero)
Till Next Trip (Dir/Prod: Matthew Colon)
The Zelda Express (Dir/Prod: Nicholas Sossi Romano)
Changing the Narrative: The Vision of Oscar Micheaux (Dir/Prod: Eric Straight)
Supra (Dir/Prod: Tim Chachibaia)
The SoHo Memory Project (Dir: Or Szyflingier; Prod: Melanie Martinez)
Unconditional (Dir/Prod: Rumi Lee)

From Documentary Specialization at Columbia Journalism School:
Holding Fire (Dir/Prod: Hana Elias, Eleonore Voisard)
The Vet Van (Dir/Prod: Sarah Jenks, Elizabeth Mulvey)
Curtain Up! (Dir/Prod: Hui Tong, Kelly Ng)

From the MFA Program in Integrated Media Arts at Hunter College:
The Life of Dan (Dir/Prod: Jeremy S. Levine, Dan Levine)
Under the Skin (Dir: Silvana D’Mikos)
Funny Faces at Smyrna Beach (Dir/Prod: Andrea Lerner)
Protest: Queer Liberation March for Black Lives and Against Police Brutality, NYC
2020 (Dir/Prod: Gearóid Dolan)
Memory Map (Dir/Prod: Amanda Madden)
Flotsam (Dir/Prod: Robin Smith Fedock)
Here Now (Chapter 4) (Dir/Prod: AK Hansen)
My First Sessions (Dir/Prod: Wendy Cong Zhao)
Arrhythmia (Dir: Pooj Padmaraj)
Leisure, Pleasure (Dir/Prod: Jess Shane)

From Documentary Media Studies at the New School:
OK Boomer (Dir/Prod: Amrit Chen)
Parklife (Dir/Prod: Lillian Xuege Li)
Hidden Costs (Dir/Prod: Claire Haughey)
Nine Days a Week (Dir/Prod: Maliyamungu Muhande)

From the Documentary Department of New York Film Academy:
Am I Enough? (Dir/Prod: Chandni Sharma)
Intersection (Dir/Prod: Sarah Masiyiwa)
Choosing the Line (Dir/Prod: Kendall Marianacci)
Single Parent (Dir/Prod: DeAndre’e Kelly)
Rebirth (Dir: Eleonora Privitera; Prod: Daniela Tuvo)
V R Friends (Dir/Prod: Olga Shelukhova)
Generation 328 (Dir/Prod: Nika Nikanava)
Saving Us (Dir: Nelson Gomez)
Sanctuary (Dir/Prod: Jason Hanna)
Garden State Mysteries (Dir/Prod: Frida Forssblad)
ACE Kid (Dir/Prod: Pochi Tamba Nsoh)
What We Keep (Dir/Prod: Lívia Thiago)

From News and Documentary at New York University:
Making Waves (Dir/Prod: Laura Zéphirin)
Tic Talk: Time to Heal (Dir/Prod: Maria Florencia Smith)
Some Way Out of Here (Dir/Prod: Boning Li)

From MFA Social Documentary Film at the School of Visual Arts:
Mourning Doctor Li Wenliang (Dir/Prod: Chen Chen)
What’s in Chinatown (Dir/Prod: Hansen Lin)
To Lay Bare (Dir/Prod: Zijun Cathy You)
My Little Ones (Dir/Prod: Peipei Zhang)
Butts (Dir/Prod: Yijia Zeng)
Viseltear Violins (Dir/Prod: Rohan Rao)
Busker (Dir/Prod: Zooey Zhang)


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