Author: Greggory Morris

Omicron Surging January 27, 2022

“The more the virus circulates, the more opportunities the virus has to change,” Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, the WHO’s Covid-19 technical lead, said in a statement last week. “Omicron will not be the last variant that you will hear us discuss, and the possibility of future emergence of variants of concern is very real.” – By Gregg W. Morris

Attention Audiences – A Damn the Pandemic, Full Speed Ahead Film Review (And Don’t Forget Your Masks When You See the Film): Director Skye Wallin’s AMERICAN GADFLY

“Generation Z, they’ve grown up in a world where every system is broken. They were young when the 2008 financial crisis hit, they saw the invasion of Iraq and the invasion of Afghanistan, climate crisis. And so they know some sort of radical change, some sort of revolutionary change is imminent and it’s necessary” – Maurice Gravel’s Campaign Manager, David Oks.

Review by Gregg W. Morris

NYC DOC Film Review: EXPOSURE (2021)
The intimate panoramic scope and breath of this sublime account of women expeditioners skiing to the North Pole makes for one of the most rhapsodic films in recent years.

“We’ve created a film that offers an alternative to, and reimagines, the traditionally male-oriented expedition genre – all while delivering ace character-driven storytelling. I believe that when women come to fully believe in ourselves, especially in the crucible of the natural world, it’s catalytic. We can take the reins, work across boundaries of all kinds, and lead a way into a future where we adapt, with compassion and equity, to the changing climate” – Director Holly Morris. Review by Gregg W. Morris.

SHADOW BIRD (SONSI) Film Short Review

Those on the lookout for films with the cinematic magic to raise their spirits during these COVID-19 surges should consider this mesmerizing hallucinogenic & hypnagogic tale by Director Sivita Singh. It can make you feel as if you are experiencing a loopy de loop of phantasmagoric proportions during these perilous days. By Greggory W. Morris

DOC NYC BOYCOTT Film Review – Part 2

Check out the video Q&A to learn a lot about what one would want to know about the attack on the right to boycott if one knew the right questions to ask to prepare for the right action to take. Part 2 BOYCOTT film review by Gregg W. Morris

A 2021 DOC NYC Film Festival Wrap Up:

Says Photo Journalist Brent Jones who shot innumerable headline news making pictures of Chicago’s First Black Hizzoner: “I was covering Harold Washington from just before he made his run and until his passing. I covered his funeral. There were many people who thought that I was actually on his staff because I was around him so much. I was privy to his daily schedule and came up with ways to be where he would be.” Jones was the first Black photographer to have a picture on the front page of Newsweek.
Washington’s campaign was a centrifugal force for news attention, Jones says. It created serendipitous opportunities for people of all stripes as well as diverse areas of Chicago that had rarely attracted much notice from the mainstream news media. He was literally and figuratively putting people and places on the map unlike ever before.

2021 DOC NYC Film Review Teaser: PUNCH 9 FOR HAROLD WASHINGTON – Part 1

Director Joe Winston chronicles the historic legacy of Chicago’s first African American Mayor, Harold Washington. PUNCH 9 FOR HAROLD WASHINGTON draws on archival footage of 1980s Chi-Town with all its corruption and racial discrimination as well as the resilience and determination of Black Chi-Towners. IT includes candid interviews with Rev. Jesse Jackson, David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett. The film shows Washington’s political repertoire of skills and stratagems as well as stinging betrayals, and unlikely victories.

Winston and his filmmakers believe Washington’s legacy continues to resonate for the Windy City and the nation, confronting the never ending social issues that undermined the country.
By Gregg W. Morris