Category: Tribeca Film Festival 2022 (June 8-19)

Second of Several Tribeca Film Festival Announcements for 2022 – Gaming

“This year’s selections represent the incredible range of how games prove to be a powerful form of storytelling,” Vice President of Tribeca Games and Immersive Casey Baltes was quoted as saying. “We’re continuing to expand how audiences and players interact with games, not only as entertainment but as one of the most impactful cultural mediums.– By Gregg W. Morris

One of Several 2022 Tribeca Film Festival Announcements to Get You Ready for the Big Fête Coming This Way

Three categories of immersive selections (Main Competition, New Voices, and Best of Season) are part of Tribeca this year, running from June 10-19. Main Competition projects are eligible for the juried Storyscapes Award, which honors artists who bridge the gap between technology and storytelling. In addition, Tribeca is introducing the New Voices Award for the immersive program, which is awarded to a first- or second-time XR creator that brings new perspectives and artistic languages to immersive storytelling. Article by Gregg W. Morris.