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THEY’RE HERE World Premiere: Seventy-Four Minutes of ‘Believe It or Not’ Thought Provoking Filming About Close Encounters of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Kind

A stellar account about several upstate New Yorkers who say they have had close encounters with UFOs AKA UAPs. They are not portrayed in this polished documentary of Directors Pacho Velez and Daniel Claridge as wacky, or particularly eccentric. 
They come across as everyday people though some have experienced a measure here or there of derision for publicly sharing their outer worldly experiences. Believe this reviewer when he says that he was tempted, really temped, to circumvent the Saturday, June 8, 2 p.m. embargo so that he could be the first to shout to the heavens: See this movie! – Gregg W. Morris

World Premier of MADE IN ETHIOPIA – Truly Compelling, Will Have Some Audience Members Mesmerized …

MADE IN ETHOPIA was filmed over four years and this reviewer was amazed at the considerable access the filmmakers had with interviewees and their families and the community as a whole. That kind of access occurs because of the incredible filmmaking finesses of filmmakers for dealing with people to tell incredible stories. – Review by Gregg W. Morris

SHE’S CLEAN – a Fifteen Minute Short Film by Jenn Harris – Shows up June 5 on Vimeo and Other Streaming Platforms

SHE’S CLEAN contains nudity and scenes of a sexual nature and is intended for mature audiences only. Says Star Jenn Harris: “I wanted to explore intimacy, intimate relations and sex on film in a way that I hadn’t seen captured before, with a female character in her sexual prime engaging in intimacy and sex without commenting on it, excusing it, or making fun of it. Intimacy is deeply nuanced and I feel most filmmaking has been afraid of that nuance so they resort to exploitation or silliness.”
– Article by Gregg W. Morris. Review in the works embargoed until June 5

Brave New Films Latest: #TrumpCrimeWave

Brave New Films in its latest video release delves into former President Donald Trump’s frequent claims and allegations about crime waves in America’s major cities. The crime waves, of course, don’t exist, though right-wing and extreme right wing news media, insist they do. The Trump administration was marred by a staggering number of criminal activities.

From corruption and fraud to obstruction of justice, Brave New Films explore the numerous legal challenges and scandals that plagued Trump and his inner circle. BNF wants people to discover how Trump’s rhetoric about urban crime deflects from the real wave of criminality that swept through the White House during his tenure – and, yet, reverberates still.

Please Note: WORD Editor-Publisher’s position is that Trump is a racist, sexist, homophobic, miscreant and sociopathThere are way too many, he believes, who are way to nonchalant about his racism, sexism, homophobia and antisocial personality disorder.

About Brave New Films: Robert Greenwald and BNF create free documentary films that inform the public, challenge corporate media, and motivate people to take action on social issues nationwide. Brave New Films’ investigative films have shined a light on the Bush, Obama and Trump administration, voter suppression, U.S. drone strikes, the prosecution of whistleblowers and Walmart’s corporate practices.

BNF’s mission is to champion social justice issues by using a model of media, education, and grassroots volunteer involvement that inspires, empowers, motivates and teaches civic participation and makes a difference.




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Earthquake 4.0

“April 29: WPIX Morning, News Host Dan Mannarino: Another aftershock hit New Jersey over the weekend. A U.S. Geological Survey saying the quake registered 2.9. It happened just before 10 Saturday morning in Gladstone in Somerset County, 40 miles west of Manhattan, and there were no reports of any injuries were damages. Comes after a 4.8 magnitude quake shook the Tri-City area on April 9th. Since then, more than 130 aftershocks have been recorded. Wow.”

WPIX Morning Co-Host Hazel Sanchez: “Yeah, it’s crazy.”

Some Hunter students also felt tremors on the Hunter campus.– Article by Xinlan Tang.

Tribeca Fest 2024 Programming for De Niro Con – a celebration of 80 years of Robert De Niro – June 14-16, Spring Studios, New York City

“I can’t think of a better way to celebrate 80 years of Robert De Niro, my dear friend and co-conspirator for the past 35 years, than by throwing a big bash for his fellow New Yorkers,” Tribeca co-founder and CEO Jane Rosenthal was quoted as saying. “From conversations with legends like Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, and David O. Russell to fan experiences, it is going to be a truly historic weekend as we pay tribute to a great talent.” – Gregg W. Morris

BLACK ICE Film Review 2024

Black Ice, the award-winning UNINTERRUPTED documentary that exposes a history of racism in hockey through the untold stories of Black hockey players, both past and present, in a predominantly white sport. The film explores the deep BIPOC roots of the game, dating back to 1865 and the Colored Hockey League of the Maritimes (CHL), the first all-pro league, which not only introduced the slapshot but shaped the game of hockey we know today. – Review by Shannon McGhee