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I DIDN’T SEE YOU THERE: A Mindboggling, Mind-blowing, Mind-bending Film Experience

Reid Davenport:“All of the footage in I DIDN’T SEE YOU THERE is shot by me from my literal point-of-view. The motivation for this is twofold: 1, to jar viewers with shots from a camera held by my spastic body or mounted to my wheelchair, and, 2, to unequivocally rebuke the norm of disabled people being seen and not heard In this film, viewers listen to my voiceover without ever seeing the entirety of my face.”

Review, articles by Gregg W. Morris

Alliance of Women Film Journalists’ EDA Awards 2023

“2023 was an exceptional year with so many women playing major creative roles in high profile projects,” AWFJ President Jennifer Merin was quoted as saying. “AWFJ always focuses on and supports women’s contributions in all aspects of film production, and we are delighted that this year’s AWFJ EDA Awards honor women creatives in six of our 10non-gendered BEST OF categories, as well as in all of our Female Focus categories. We hope this female forward trend will continue in 2024.” (Drew Barrymore, however, was one of three who got a nasty sneer.) – Article by Gregg W. Morris

A CREATURE WAS STIRRING Film Review – Audiences Should Be Prepared to CRINGE!

A trailblazing, avant-garde, horror movie swelling beyond “normal” cinematic horror dimensions – deserving this reviewer’s rarely invoked WWCEA rating: WOW-WOW-CAVEAT-EMPTOR-esque-ALERT.

——It’s a powerful sensory cinematic experience that may be challenging for some viewers as it was for some reviewers because of the filmmakers’ creative us of a werecreature, which is a shapeshifter that can metamorphose from human to a particular animal form.

——Nevertheless, audiences in search of a really, really scary movie should not be deterred nor befuddled by the first appearance ever in a movie of a weremonster that isn’t a werewolf. This horror movie is sublime in so many ways waiting to be discovered by audiences!

Review by Gregg W. Morris.

IN WONDERLAND Review by J Perez

The story revolves around Nina, portrayed by Elizabeth Phoenix Caro, an 8-year-old Mexican child who has recently crossed the US-Mexico border with her father.
Review by J Perez

SEVAP/MITZVAH directed by Sabina Vajraca

Short films have become popular because they can provide a cost-effective learning experience for filmmakers and because of increasing audience diversity – though SEVAP/MITZVAH has the look and feel of a feature. That train of thought has this writer-reviewer imagining Director/Writer Sabina Varjraca’s 17-minute virtuoso SEVAP/MITZVAH is in the works to become a SEVAP/MITZVAH feature film. – Review by Gregg W. Morris