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Movies and film shorts in 2023

PIGLADY (2023) Film Review – Viewer Discretion Advised for This “Horror” Movie

Viewer discretion advised because this film belongs in that increasingly popular subgenre of films made by moviemakers regaled by audiences who salivate over their tasteless and downright disgusting content. PIGLADY is ladled with oodles and oodles of gratuitous nudity, relentless unrealistic ferocity and dosages of Schadenfreude. – Review by By Gregg W. Morris

MONOCHROMATIC (2023) Film Short Review – About the Searing, Coming of Age, Rite of Passage, of a 6-year-old Black Girl in Racist Great Britain

A telling piece of movie making about the rite of passage, coming of age, for Grace, 6 years old, British West Indian, who becomes aware that many White Brits despize West Indian People of Color. Her mom and aunt struggle – as their parents and their parents’ parents before them – about how to raise their their kids to deal with a cursed legacy. What should they do, what they shouldn’t do. – Review by Gregg W. Morris.

BRIGHTWOOD (2023) Film Review

 THE GOOD: It’s gotten googobs of good reviews and has played at a lot of film fests and is scheduled to be release August 22, Tuesday, on VOD. THE BAD: It got a lot of topsy-turvy mixed reviews. THE…