Category: Features 2023

Coco Lin | Exhibition Review at International Center of Photography  | 11 November 2023

The the exhibitions “I reviewed were very successful in terms of the way they were curated” and the the stories “they shared,” making one question “what it means to have meaningful relationships and places that become empty when people die or move away. Just looking at the images in this show makes me think about what it means to be alive. I also think about the power of images that represent home, family, and relationships.”

“I Like New York Better”

The 2023 fall semester began August 25 in the middle of a heatwave in New York City, and Tanha Latif, 23, from Dhaka, the Capitol in Bangladesh, was interviewed for this article about her impressions, feelings, and expectations for the…

A True Gent

I pick up on the incessant buzzing of clippers as soon as I walked into Staten Island’s TrueGents Barbershop at 2035 Victory Boulevard. A movie plays on the big TV screen as barbers worked their magic. Seems like tons of hair are collecting on the floor and barbers continually sweep them aside to keep the luxurious shop clean. “I can fix you up after this guy, boss, just sit tight!” says Rohaiz Dar. Feature Story by Kirby Inot.