They Didn’t Freeze … But They Sure Were Cold

The essence of ‘Cool’ on a very cold day. Picture by Ircania Aybar

On one of the coldest days of the semester students interviewed by this reporter said they weren’t allowing the freezing temperatures to wear them down.

Joshua Gibaja, 20, a senior majoring in accounting, said he was on his way to his religion class only to find out it was just as cold inside as it was outside. “Our religion class basically froze over,” he said. “Even our professor was wearing [his] coat.” He also said that the elevators were so “jam-packed” with students that they eventually broke down.

On Friday, February 2, 2023, temperatures in Manhattan were reported to be at minus 2 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, later dropping to minus 16 degrees in the evening. “I was not prepared for it at all, that kind of cold was penetrating,” said Mercy Munoz, 22, a senior and a clinical psychology major.



Waiting for the next IRT No. 6. Picture by Ircania Aybar.

Sky blue, freezing cold. Picture by Ircania Aybar

Not unpleasant in the student cafeteria. Picture by Ircania Aybar

Shot from the third-floor sky bridge connecting the East and West buildings. Picture by Ircania Aybar

Students interviewed by this reporter were stoic and resilient. Neither freezing classrooms nor broken elevators nor the gloom of the coldest day of the semester kept them from their appointed academic rounds.

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