After Screening Party for BLACK MARKS, Tribeca Fest 2023

2023 Tribeca Festival Special Event Screening first episode of BLACK MARK, sizzling documentary series about 14 year NBA veteran and current media personality, Matt Barnes.

Review in the works.

Reviewed is done from the point of view of a Cornell University Big Red Basketball Hall of Famer (who believes he has a wicked sense of humor) who almost made it through rookie camp of the old NBA Baltimore Bullets; got dis-invited from rookie camp of the Minnesota Pipers ABA team; struggled in what was once the Eastern Basketball League NBA minor league … played one season for the Sporting Club of Portugal basketball team and learned after a !@#$ season as an assistant CU basketball coach … that the Universe was possibly telling me that it was time to say goodbye to basketball and to seek and find another passion in journalism.

Editor, Publisher Gregg W. Morris @,