A Super Bowl Short

By Kara Paternostro

What was just another Sunday to me was the most anticipated day of the year for aspiring NFL player, Luke Paternostro. “Eleven hours to kick off,”
was my 13-year-old brother’s stirring comment, awakening me on the morning of Super Bowl Sunday much better than what an alarm clock might have done.

He later sifted through his closet full of football jerseys before finally deciding on his Peyton Manning jersey. “I want the Broncos to win because this could be Manning’s last season and I want him to go out a champion,” he said. “I think he’s really proved his legacy in the NFL. But I think they’re going to go all the way.”

“I think their quarterback, Cam Newton,” he said, referring to the Carolina Panthers star, “is one of the best players in the NFL.”

My little brother was engrossed in the game the entire evening and continued to recall highlights well after it was over, with Denver beating the Panthers 24-10. “Denver played better than I expected. Honestly, I think their outside linebacker, Von Miller, was the MVP,” said my brother. “He hit Cam Newton so hard that he fumbled the ball and one of Miller’s teammates was able to recover it and return it for a Broncos touchdown.”

Because this Super Bowl magazine writing assignment required a minimum of two interviews, Faisal Hannan, a computer science major, was asked for comment. “Not really,” he said when asked about is interest. He would have paid more attention if his New York Giants (6-10) had made it to the big contest this year.

Kara Paternostro Kara.Paternostro61@myhunter.cuny.edu