Red Carpet, CARGO, Tribeca Film Festival

In the aftermath of a global pandemic, Andy (Martin Freeman) is focused on keeping his wife and their infant daughter alive as they travel across the Australian Outback looking for help. A zombie bite has given Andy a mere 48 hours before he, too, is undead. Photo credit, Geoffrey Simpson

Wednesday, April 25, last time to see at TFF. 8:45 p.m. – Regal Cinema, Battery Park, 11-3

104 minutes
Language: English
Country: Australia
Directors: Ben Howling, Yolanda Ramke
Producer: Samantha Jennings, Kristina Ceyton, Russell Ackerman, John Schoenfelder
Screenwriter: Yolanda Ramke
Cinematographer: Geoffrey Simpson
Editor:Dany Cooper, Sean Lahiff


Red Carpet


British Actor Martin Freeman. Photo by Gregg W. Morris

Martin Freeman, again. By Gregg W. Morris

Left to right: Producer Kristina Ceyton, Co-Director Yolanda Ramke and Co-Director Ben Howling. Picture by Gregg W. Morris


Assigned spaces-places for news organizations covering Red Carpet. Picture by Gregg W. Morris

Crowd waiting to see CARGO this night of the Red Carpet. Picture by Gregg W. Morris


Entertainment Journalists at This Red Carpet

Many of the journalists covering this Red Carpet were from small independent operations, sort of the journalism equivalent to Citizen Journalist news sites. Watching them work has always been an interest for me.

Cheat sheets oil the wheels for accurate reporting. Picture by Gregg W. Morris

Journalist doing Facebook Live Streaming. I thought it was cool. That’s CARGO Producer Kristina Ceyton, the center of attention. Picture by Gregg W. Morris

Facebook Live Streaming. Picture by Gregg W. Morris


Picture by Gregg W. Morris

Picture by Gregg W. Morris

A red carpet is traditionally used to mark the route taken by heads of state on ceremonial and formal occasions, and has in recent decades been extended to use by VIPs and celebrities at formal events – Wikipedia. The earliest known reference to walking a red carpet in literature is in the play Agamemnon by Aeschylus, written in 458 BC. When the title character returns from Troy, he is greeted by his vengeful wife Clytemnestra who offers him a red path to walk upon. Agamemnon, knowing that only gods walk on such luxury, responds with trepidation: “I am a mortal, a man; I cannot trample upon these tinted splendors without fear thrown in my path.”


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