Author: Greggory W Morris

New York Asian Film Foundation & Film at Lincoln Center Unveil Second Wave of Titles, Award Honorees, and Guests for 20th Anniversary New York Asian Film Festival

Tickets go on sale July 1 for the fully in-theater 20th anniversary edition of the New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF), presented by the New York Asian Film Foundation and Film at Lincoln Center (FLC), running from July 15–28, 2022 at FLC, as well as on July 23 and July 28–31 at Asia Society, which will be co-presenting a selection of key films and a Hong Kong marathon day. International stars and acclaimed filmmakers will return in-person to grace the NYAFF red carpet at FLC, receive awards, speak at Q&A sessions, and impart wisdom during masterclasses and special talks.

Mapping Bacurau, March 13-24

Another Film at Lincoln Center whopper: Mapping Bacurau is an extensive carte-blanche series by co-directors Kleber Mendonça Filho and Juliano Dornelles on the occasion of their BACURAU theatrical release March 6 at the center. Their film was described by IndieWire’s David Ehrlich as a wonderfully “demented Western about the perils of rampant modernization” which exhilarated audiences at the the 2019 New York Film Festival and the 2019 Cannes Film Festival where it was awarded the Jury Prize. That remarkably demented zeitgeist infuses the March 13-24 series.

Film Review

The many fiercely smokin’, bitchin’, slam-dunkin’ scenes, comments, dialogues and conversations in this 98-minute gem by Director Rob Garver – using archival footage of interviews and scenes from films, collages of clips, shots of news and magazine pages plus contemporary interviews – generates visceral sensations one would expect from a get-down, in-your-face, action-adventure reality show.
By Gregg W. Morris

DOC NYC 2019 Film Review

IN MY BLOOD IT RUNS features a 10-year-old Arrernte child prodigy narrating his life in this splendid documentary shot in the Northern Territory of Australia, providing a broad vista of, one, how the Arrernte deal with apartheid and oppression through the spirituality of tradition and custom, and two, the grim realities of inveterate racism and bigotry that subjugate his people. Director Maya Newell’s unflinching in-your-face portrait doesn’t have a shred of cynicism.
Review by Gregg W. Morris

DOC NYC 2019

Drea Cooper, a co-director of this mesmerizing movie of people making life and death decisions to survive, lives in Oakland, California and noticed smoke November 8, 2018 but didn’t give it much thought until his mom called late in the evening: “Paradise is gone,” she said.

DOC NYC 2019
WAGING CHANGE – The Q&A That Was More A Than Q – Video 1

A blazing documentary featuring female activists from around the country and well known activist actresses – and yes, there are some males – united in a fierce effort to end a modern day form of indentured slavery endemic in the restaurant business. Told in a spellbinding cinema fashion by Award Winning Director Abby Ginzberg. This Q&A, which is more A than Q, is 7 minutes of prime time viewing!