Category: PANDEMIC SPECIAL – WORD Writers & the 2021 Fall Semester

Students Dealing with Challenges Unlike Any in Recent Memory Say They Are Cautiously Optimistic

The first day of classes landed on a muggy Wednesday, August 25. A seemingly never-ending line of students shuffled outside the Hunter West Building beginning at 10 a.m. An air of confusion at the Lexington Avenue and 68th Street campus was palpable as voices and discussions could be heard about the line’s purpose. – Article, second in a series, this one written by Bailey Huebner.

It Is What It Is: An Unprecedented Fall Semester Start

The lobby of Hunter’s West Building on 68th Street and Lexington Avenue was set up as a college fair help center during the two weeks leading up to August 25, the start of the fall semester, to help students deal with the logistical realities of the reopening of the College’s on-campus classes.
First in a series. This one by Constanza Falco