Author: Greggory W Morris

Richard Prince’s Journal-isms – August 25, 2018

This issues headlines: After 40+ Years, the University ‘Broke My Heart’; Fired for Sharing an Article: Reporter Posted Piece on ‘White Women’s Tears; Paper Urges Restraint as Trump Bashes Immigrant; Daughter Denies Key Quote in New Till Case; Fearful Cuban Journalist Seeks Asylum in U.S.; Garcia to Receive Diversity Leadership Award; Aretha Services to Be Streamed, Televised; Threats Prompt April Ryan to Hire Bodyguard; CNN Suspends Trump Surrogate After Revelation; N. C. Papers Praise Students’ Takedown of Statue; 38 J-Students Travel Nation to Document Hate; Chicago Photographers Recall ’68 DNC Riots

Call for Submissions, Eighteenth Annual Tribeca Film Festival®, April 24 – May 5, 2019

The 18th edition of the Tribeca Film Festival is scheduled April 24 to May 5, 2019 in the Big Apple, another round of ecstatic celebration of storytelling in all forms from film to TV, VR to gaming. Submissions open August 20 for feature and short films; episodic and online storytelling; virtual, immersive, and augmented reality; as well as branded entertainment.


Ninety-four minutes of rapturous filmmaking about three young brothers approaching puberty as they are growing up in the chaos of a working class, quintessential dysfunctional American family in rural upstate New York.