Author: The WORD

Si Se Puede, Yes We Can

Article by Marjorie Fajardo
Growing up as an undocumented teenager in a country that portrays me as a criminal has been a challenging experience, like I’m not wanted in the country I live in.

Many May Be Decking the Halls This Season, Millions May Also Be Crawling Them

The number of college students seeking mental health support has increased exponentially since 2009, according to a 2014 article by the American Psychological Association. Hunter students who believe they may be struggling with mental health issues can find help right on campus, said Ariella Soffer, Ph.D, an intake coordinator at Hunter’s Counseling and Wellness Services.

A Historic Campaign

Ricardo Montero-Hernandez was one of several WORD reporters assigned to interview potential voters about their presidential preferences. Five interviewed for this article said that Americans are upset and alarmed with Congress.