Author: The WORD

First Known As Minnehanonck

Article by Hope Dietsch, who writes that ne of the features about Roosevelt Island is that it is five subway minutes from one of the most interesting cities in the in the world.

These “United” States of America

Our country is beset with many problems, so, whom should we blame? The President? Congress? How do we make that united in the United States of America really have significance during these polarizing times?

Spring Semester Begins

Article by Carlos Diaz
On a cold winter morning, January 30, 2017, the entrances of Hunter swelled with students entering the campus for the start of the spring semester. Several were interviewed about their first week of experiences and expectations.


Film review by Avid Maldonado
BURNING SANDS depicts the horrors that take place in Greek college life, regardless of race and ethnicity, and even reflects on problems at multi-ethnic, multicultural City University of New York commuter colleges.

Fall Semester Reflection

Article by Carmen Rios-Nuñez
Class discussions, writing assignments tantamount to unannounced quizzes, several out-of-class interviewing exercises, as well as assignments following up a poor CBS New York article about a Hunter student groped on a subway, helped me to become a better reporter.

Electoral Joke

Article by Chasity Pierna
Interviewed students planning to express their contempt about the 2016 election by not voting.