Two Savvy Students Who Learned How to Beat Those Commuter Campus Blues

Starting a new semester can be challenging, especially for seniors anticipating graduation. The competition for internships, the pressure for a good GPA and to obtain recommendation letters from instructors can seem to be overwhelming and alienating. That is why Hunter set up its Division of Student Affairs. It offers students opportunities such as an active student club life to help them be more connected to the Hunter community, a commuter campus.

For example, Elaine Zhang, 22, a senior, joined the Hawk’s Women’s Tennis Team. Dressed in a Hunter Hawks purple-white uniform, with her racket across her shoulder when she was interviewed, she said, “It’s hard making friends especially in a commuter school like Hunter. There are so many people, that you’d rather put your headphones and quickly leave than strike up a conversation. But who wants to feel alone at college? So, I’ve decided to dust off my tennis skills and finally join the team.”

Commuter Campus Blues For Real

To be an Hunter Hawks athletic requires a lot of commitment. Efficient time management is key as well as showing up for practice early in the morning and for games during the day. A lot of responsibility is expected. Representing your school is no joke. “Tennis for me is an anti-stress exercise. To be on the team is a commitment and it was scary at first, since I didn’t know if I could commit to something else, but it was worth it. The friendships that I’ve made and how competing has strengthened my character is rewarding,” Zhang also said.

Davin Smith, 22, a senior from East New York, Brooklyn, majoring in media studies with a concentration in journalism, hosts Hunter’s radio show, The Three Pointer. He was interviewed near the radio station booth on the first floor of the Thomas Hunter Hall Building where he leaned casually on the entry door to the booth. He was dressed casually in black jeans and a black hoodie.

“How cool, is that I get to talk to people about the sport that I love on the radio,” Smith said rhetorically. “Even though it’s a college radio, I come there, and I could be tired and irritated, and as soon as I start to do what I’m passionate about around people that quickly became like a family to me, all troubles are forgotten. Doing this has put a lot of things into perspective about the future for me.”


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