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Tribeca Film Festival 2020 Short, NO MORE WINGS Film Review – Interview with Director Abraham Adeyemi Coming Soon

No More Wings Tribeca Film Festival 2020 Winnger

NO MORE WINGS is 10 evocative minutes of eloquent story telling with poetic panache and a visceral and intellectual resonance lasting long after the film ends. It tells of two 20-plus-somethings meeting-up for a fav repast of six wings and chips in Morley’s, a South London fried chicken shop. Issac and Jude are savvy, down-to-earth no-nonsense class acts with a dash of chutzpah. You will want to see this film more than once.
By Gregg W. Morris

Major Film Festivals Across the World Join with YouTube to Announce We Are One: A Global Film Festival Starting May 29

NEW YORK, NY– April 27, Monday, 2020 – Tribeca Enterprises and YouTube jointly announced today We Are One: A Global Film Festival, an unprecedented 10-day digital film festival exclusively on YouTube, bringing together an international community of storytellers to present festival programming for free to audiences around the world. Set to begin on May 29 on .

Tribeca Film Festival 2020 Short NO MORE WINGS – Directed by Abraham Adeyemi

Article, review in the works. A synopsis: The enchanting tale of friendship treads between both past and present as two friends dine in a chicken shop and showing one, the once promising and talented Jude, has struggled to fulfill his potential. NO MORE WINGS is a nostalgic love letter to Writer and Director Abraham Adeyemi’s adolescence. “No More Wings does an absolutely wonderful job of taking a scenario that is extremely grounded and using the form to imbue it with an elevated sense of emotion and spirituality,” Oscar Winner Barry Jenkins (MOONLIGHT) is quoted as praising the film.
By Gregg W. Morris

NYC Mayor’s Office on Media & Entertainment Contacts the WORD

NYC Commissioner Anne del Castillo tells the WORD that the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment AKA MOME, as well as the rest of NYC City government, is doing whatever they can to keep media, entertainment and nightlife communities informed about the City’s response, available resources and opportunities to assist relief efforts.

Festival Postponed Because of Coronavirus Concerns

Fifth Annual Inwood Film Festival – March 14-15

The festival has expanded to 12 programs, including nine screening sessions on Saturday and Sunday, March 14-15, and three special seminars: Stykz Digital Animation for Kids, Sound Design for Documentary Filmmaking, and Filmmaking A to Z. Don’t miss the Party hearty: On both Saturday 10 p.m. & Sunday 9 p.m., Indian Road Café will host after-parties where you can join filmmakers, film aficionados, and the Inwood Art Works team at Indian Road to raise a glass to our Inwood community and its vibrant arts scene.

Film Review

The many fiercely smokin’, bitchin’, slam-dunkin’ scenes, comments, dialogues and conversations in this 98-minute gem by Director Rob Garver – using archival footage of interviews and scenes from films, collages of clips, shots of news and magazine pages plus contemporary interviews – generates visceral sensations one would expect from a get-down, in-your-face, action-adventure reality show.
By Gregg W. Morris

DOC NYC 2019 Film Review

IN MY BLOOD IT RUNS features a 10-year-old Arrernte child prodigy narrating his life in this splendid documentary shot in the Northern Territory of Australia, providing a broad vista of, one, how the Arrernte deal with apartheid and oppression through the spirituality of tradition and custom, and two, the grim realities of inveterate racism and bigotry that subjugate his people. Director Maya Newell’s unflinching in-your-face portrait doesn’t have a shred of cynicism.
Review by Gregg W. Morris