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Destination of old published stories.

CANE FIRE – Hot Docs Film Review

Director Anthony Banua-Simon’s CANE FIRE has the soul of a searing polemic in the form of a sobering memoir about the tropical Hawaiian island of Kaua’i. It looks like a paradise of paradises. For the indigenous and working class people who make the tourist industry shine it’s as bad as the eighth ring of Dante’s hell.
By Gregg W. Morris


A five star, 10-minute short with a kinetic kick. If you see it, you’ll luv it. The only problem is that five-star shorts like this can be hard to find after they debut at film festivals – that’s a bummer for this action, thriller with a Rod Serling denouement.
Gregg W. Morris

TFF 2020 Short Film
Film Review of Directors Ugonna Okpalaoka’s & Nadine Natour’s GLOVES OFF

A visual and sonic feast of an eloquently told story about Tiara Brown, a Washington D.C. police officer who is also a gifted amateur boxer training to become a world class champion. There are lots of gritty, eloquent lines in this movie. This is one. Tiara Brown: “I would always bring back gold medals. Yet, when it came time to being interviewed or being on the front of the magazine, it would always be be the pretty long, tall blonde who would get chosen. The black girls weren’t being treated the same way the other girls were being treated. After going through that for years, I quit the team.” – #YouGottaSeeThisMovie
By Gregg W. Morris

72 Hour Shoot Out Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month With Its Special Fridays Project

1) A celebration of Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States. 2) 72 Hour Shootout is a global filmmaking competition for everyone from novices to established filmmakers. 3) Asian American Film Lab – A 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that ensures “… that stories and voices too often silenced in mainstream media are heard, not just as whispers, but as SHOUTS to the world.”
Gregg W. Morris