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Destination of old published stories.

Tribeca Film Festival 2021 DAY 10
Annie Murphy, Frances McDormand, Steve Buscemi, Jon Hamm, Lily Allen, David Harbour, Don Cheadle, Steven Soderbergh, Joel Coen, Bill Duke, and Benicio Del Toro, M. Night Shyamalan, and more

2021 Tribeca Film Festival ***Post Media Alert*** for June 18, 2021     The tenth day of the 2021 Tribeca Festival, presented by AT&T, brought together the cast of Fargo in-person for their 25th Anniversary Reunion and featured the red…

2021 Tribeca Film Festival Jury Competition and Art Award Winners

THE NOVICE, BRIGHTON 4TH, and ASCENSION Take Top Honors in U.S. Narrative, International Narrative and Documentary Competition. Chanel James and Taylor Garron Receive the Nora Ephron Award for AS OF YET. First-Ever Winners for New Award Categories: GEOGRAPHY OF ROBOTS Receives Tribeca Games Award; VERMONT AVE and GUARDIANS OF THE RIVER Honored for Podcasts.
By Gregg W. Morris

ON THE DIVIDE Documentary Film Review

ON THE DIVIDE begins in 2016 in the town of McAllen, Texas, at the site of the only abortion clinic in the US/Mexico border area, Whole Woman’s Heath. It is under siege by holier-than-thou antiabortionists working out of  the anti-abortion McAllen Pregnancy Center one door down, on the same side of the street. They lay claim that their Christian (G)od supports their trespassing, beaming sonic booming barrages of music from audio devices at the clinic and engaging in other harassing forays teeming with menace. ON THE DIVIDE is gripping and compelling, edge-of-the-seat story telling at its best, with 79 minutes of take-a-deep-breath cinematography about one of the most contentious sociopolitical issues of the ages about a woman’s right to choose. – By Gregg W. Morris

THE QUEEN OF BASKETBALL (Short, 21 minutes), World Premiere, Tribeca Film Fest 2021 – Review by Gregg W. Morris

Accomplished filmmaker Ben Proudfoot, because of a tip from a friend, inadvertently Googles his way to one of the greatest women basketball players ever to step on a court in these here United States. Also, he writes, she is “a gifted and open storyteller with a clarion memory.” Together, they make cinematic “music” unlike any many of us have seen and heard in years. A film that is literally and figuratively a beacon of hope and harmony with its nostalgia bitter and sweet, especially during this brutal period of COVID-19.
Is this not the seeds for a magnum opus feature film of some length if not sequels? A lengthy TV series, or a Netflix super-duper special? This reviewer is ready to be signed up!

NO RUNNING Film Review – 2021 Tribeca Film Festival Online World Premier, Juneteenth Programming

NO RUNNING seem to have the elements of a winning formula – talented filmmakers, actors, actresses, writers, producers and moolah – for a stellar movie about racial injustice by drawing on B-movie sci-fi trappings and UFO abductions. Add to that imaginative approach the filmmakers drawing on their personal racial injustice experiences growing up. With so many Blacks and People of Color murdered, shot and brutalized by police, there were expectations the film would flex some panache. Well, writes reviewer Gregg W. Morris, we should never forget how the best laid plans of mice and men – and filmmakers – often go …

2021 Tribeca Film Festival Preview, Short Documentary: THE QUEEN OF BASKETBALL: One of the Greatest Living Woman Basketball Player to Ever Step on a Court and If You Don’t Know About Her That’s About to Change

A 2021 Tribeca Film Festival Preview, story documentary: THE QUEEN OF BASKETBALL. Lead her team to three national trophies. She played in the ‘76 Olympics. Drafted by he NBA. Have you ever heard of Lucy Harris? By Gregg W. Morris: Twenty-one minutes long? We want more.

Quarantined Until Further Notice: A Photo Journalism Piece by a WORD Reporter Getting Ready for the Light at the end of the Tunnel

WORD reporter Niamh McAuliffe writes: Hunter hasn’t decided, as I’m wrapping up this article, about how classes are to be taught in fall, 2021; yet, I see this as the step in the right direction and a real sign that I and other students could be returning to what student life was like before we ever heard of the Coronavirus.