Staring Down COVID-19 the Avid Way

“Avidly Raps” is a solo rap venture by Avid Maldonado, 27, a former student of Prof. Gregg W. Morris. It was clear that he was destined for big things: Wanted to be big in HR but was also possessed by a poetic muse. He and Dempsey Pillot & Ezekiel Jiles – they all went to the same high school – created ADZ, a topical podcast with the three literally tackling every subject from A to Z. Their creative works are on Apple and Spotify.

Regarding Avid and this solo rap venture of his, “Avidly Raps: Three unique songs utilizing instrumentals from Akon, A Tribe Called Quest, & The Notorious B.I.G. Avid is staring down the COVID-19 pandemic in an entertaining, poetic and, at times, a comedic fashion.

Avid Maldonado can be reached at his personal email, and at @avidevans.