Kinetically Charged Red Carpet @ 2018 Nordic International Film Festival

One of the missions for the WORD, its editor and correspondents covering red carpets in the New York City metro area – such as, and definitely not limited to, Tribeca Film Festivals (TFF), New York Film Festivals NYFF), New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF), DOC NYC – is to capture kinetically charged moments of the carefully crafted feeding frenzy of photojournalists trying to get their $$$ shots and broadcast reporters angling for their interviews as well as celebrities and PR reps and red carpet staff joining in the moshing and jostling for a grand moment of celebration.

The participation of patrons, supporters, groupies and aficionados who managed to get in to the fête should not be overlooked. The WORD is a nonprofit, so we aren’t here for the moola. We are here for the frenzy!

The Festival Info


Festival Director John Matton.

The right journalist asking the right question at the right moment of the Haut Monde under the lights and …

… bingo.

Don’t know who “she” is, don’t know who “he” is (with the cellphone) but they add to the tribal atmosphere at this red carpet.

Journalists and their crews, from sound “men” to producers, and the way they go about their red carpet mission can be as visually interesting as the celebrities.

Obviously star studded and …

They were photogenic …

Left, Linnea Larsdotter, Founder & Creative Director; right … ???

Staff …

The packed screening room in the lower lounge area of the Scandinavia House – The Nordic Center in America, 58 Park Avenue, Manhattan.

Scandinavia House – The Nordic Center, 58 Park Avenue, in Murray Hill, Manhattan, New York,

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