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NYC Independent Film Festival 2018 Reviews

Amazing what talented filmmakers can do for an audience in just a few minutes. Part 1 Reviews: DYING ART, SELL YOUR BODY, SLIP UP, STATE OF EMERGENCY MOTHERFUCKER!
By Gregg W. Morris, May 17, 2019
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Tribeca Film Festival 2018: Q&A With THE DARK’s Director and Its Star

One of the Best Horror Movies in Recent Memory

Picture by Christoper Katsarov

Nadia Alexander, Justin P. Lange.

By Gregg W. Morris, May 10, 2018
Q&A Pictures by Gregg W. Morris
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Video Highlight of Two Filmmakers of Two of the Best Films Screened at the NYC Independent Film Festival May 8

By Gregg W. Morris, May 10, 2018

A Screening Studio, Producers Club

One, SELL YOUR BODY, directed by Jaanelle Yee.  Two, NORMAN PINSKI COME HOME, directed by Aaron Rudelson.
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NYC Independent Film Festival: NORMAN PINSKI COME HOME Trailer

By Gregg W. Morris May 9, 2018
Screened Tuesday, May 8, at the NYC Independent Film Festival. Review is in the works. A monster movie parody doubling as a comedy about parenthood. A lightning bolt cuts short the life of a Jewish plumber’s son, Norman Pinski, played by Mark Gessner. But he gets a second chance because of … Dr. Vanderwal, a celebrated local baldness doctor, played by Lee Tergesen, is secretly a modern day Dr. Frankenstein. Directed by Aaron Rudelson.

Director Aaron Rudelson talking to a friend in the Lounge of the Producer’s Club. Picture by Gregg W. Morris

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By Larry Romanivich, May 3, 2018
Successfully infusing suspense and horror is not easy for a moviemaker. But if accomplished, a film will have audiences dangling on the edge of their seats. THE ENDLESS is one such film. [Editor’s Note: This is the third and final review of this film.]
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Michelle Wolf’s Full Uncensored White House Correspondents’ Dinner Speech

April 29, 2018


By Taylor Stanich, April 28, 2018
An audacious supernatural thriller with an audacious sci-fi flourish? Or an audacious sci-fi movie bristling with the psychological thrills of an audacious horror movie?

THE ENDLESS is playing at the IFC Center tonight at 11 p.m.

What’s about to happen to these two brothers brothers?!?

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17th Annual Tribeca Film Festival Juried Awards

April 27, 2018

Diane, Smuggling Hendrix and Island of The Hungry Ghosts take home top awards in U.S. Narrative, International Narrative and Documentary Competitions. Little Woods Writer/Director Nia DaCosta wins 6th annual Nora Ephron Award; Hero wins Storyscapes Award, To Dust and Bathtubs Over Broadway filmmakers awarded as best new filmmakers. Jeffrey Wright and Alia Shawkat Win Best Actor and Actress for U.S. Narrative Competition; Rasm us Bruun and Joy Rieger Win Best Actor and Actress for International Narrative Competition. Lots more. Click here.

THE DARK Film Review, Tribeca Film Festival

By Gregg W. Morris, April 25, 2018

A really touching scene in this ferocious horror movie. Picture by Christopher Katsarov

Director-Writer Justin P. Lange’s decision to make a film about a hideously ferocious, preternaturally powerful, flesh eating monster, which would eventually evoke sympathy and empathy in audiences despite its hellacious savagery with an ax, resulted in THE DARK, one of the best horror movies in recent memory.
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LITTLE WOODS Film Review, Tribeca Film Festival

Picture by Matt Mitchel

By Gregg W. Morris, April 24, 2018
In this edge of the seat thriller set in a North Dakota fracking boomtown more perilous than the wildest stereotypical caricature of the South Bronx, two estranged sisters are driven to extremes when their mother dies, leaving them one week to pay back the mortgage of her home that might be the only ray of light in their dreary lives.
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Red Carpet, CARGO, Tribeca Film Festival

By Gregg W. Morris, April 23, 2018
Photos by Gregg W. Morris
Because of a zombie pandemic, a husband and wife struggle to keep their infant daughter alive as they travel across the Australian Outback looking for help. Uh oh.
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Today, Monday, 2018 Tribeca Film Festival (For Those With the Right Credentials)

By Gregg W. Morris, April 23, 2018

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NANA Film Review

Director Serena Dykman

By Gregg W. Morris, April 21, 2018

Twenty-five-year-old Director Serena Dykman’s documentary, NANA, about her grandmother, Maryla Michalowski-Dyamant, is 100 minutes of spellbinding story telling about the history, story and philosophy of Michalowski-Dyamant surviving Auschwitz and becoming a tour de force against the intolerance and atrocities that fueled the Holocaust by drawing on her hellish experiences as well as those of her family, friends and neighbors.
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Today, Saturday, at 2018 Tribeca Film Festival (For Those With the Right Credentials)

By Gregg W. Morris, April 21, 2018

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Today at 2018 Tribeca Film Festival (For Those With the Right Credentials)

By Gregg W. Morris, April 20, 2018

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What the National News Media Missed Out of Ignorance or Culpability

By Janine Jackson, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, April 19, 2018
They never really came to terms with what Martin Luther King Jr. stood for during his final years, such as when he called the United States “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.”

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Today at 2018 Tribeca Film Festival (For Those With the Credentials)

By Gregg W. Morris, April 19, 2018

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Juries Selected for 17th Annual Tribeca Film Festival April 18-29

April 17, 2018

Nicholas Thompson.

Sasheer Zamata.

Zachary Heinzerling.

Jurors include Zachary Heinzerling, Amy Kaufman, Dan Cogan, Lakeith Stanfield, Joanna Gleason, Susan Lacy, Ray Liotta, Zosia Mamet, Nicholas Thompson, Jenny Lumet, Norman Reedus, Alysia Reiner, Nelson George, Ondi Timoner, Sasheer Zamata – and more.

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THE ENDLESS Film review

By Gregg W. Morris, April 14, 2018

In a telling scene, Shitty Carl, played by a sneering, sardonic James Jordon in a savage, A+ performance, is advising the brothers Justin and Aaron Smith how they can escape a cruel fate awaiting them. “The trick is not to be afraid of something that is horrifying and everyone’s afraid of it,” says Shitty Carl. “But if you let it control you one time, it’s going to control you over and over again.”

The number of times one sees a movie is the best indication of just how good it is. Audiences seeing this movie should be prepared to be looped into an endless experience. A 10-star movie on a five-star scale. Horror? Sci-Fi? Transcendental?
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Der Tagesspiegel – Liste von 33.293 registrierten Asylsuchenden, Geflüchteten und Migrant*innen, die aufgrund der restriktiven Politik der Festung Europas zu Tode kamen
Translated: Der Tagesspiegel – List of 33,293 registered asylum seekers, refugees and migrants who died as a result of the restrictive policies of the fortress of Europe.

April 9, 2018
Bulletin – By Gregg W. Morris
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Tracking the 2020 Census – What’s at Risk, Why It Matters to America’s Diverse Populations

April 7, 2018
Bulletin – By Gregg W. Morris

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“For the First Time in History, Humans Are Now Poised to Destroy Prospects of Decent Existence and Much of Life …”

April 7, 2018

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Citywide Ad Campaign to Fight Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

April 4,2018

Ads will appear in subways, bus shelters, LinkNYC kiosks, NYC and Taxi TV, local businesses, ethnic and community radio and newspapers in the five boroughs and across social media. Campaign follows a more than 40 percent increase in sexual harassment claims at the Commission over the last two years.

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Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s Orwellian Attack on the Press

By Gregg W. Morris
April 3 2018
“The compilation of local news anchors at stations owned by Sinclair Broadcasting Group reading a corporate-mandated script attacking other outlets for producing “biased and false news” went viral,” the Columbia Journalism Review reports. “Deadspin’s Timothy Burke wrote that the journalists looked “like hostages in proof-of-life videos, trying their hardest to spit out words attacking the industry they’d chosen as a life vocation.”

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