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Robert De Niro Does a Cha-Cha-Cha With His SNAPCHAT Debut @ Tribeca Film Festival Surprise

By Gregg Morris
April 27, 2017

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James Kelly at Tribeca Games Festival

By Senior Editor and Special Correspondent James Kelly
April 27, 2017

James Kelly

The Tribeca Games Festival will host panel discussions April 29 featuring the writers and creators of some of the most influential games in the industry. Besides a discussion with the legendary creator of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, representatives from the developers of Overwatch, Max Payne, Bioshock, Firewatch, and Halo will also be taking the stage to speak about their experiences and legacies.
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These “United” States

Contributing Editor Andrew Henry also has a radio show.

“Many Americans Stressed about Future of Our Nation” was the February headline of a story in the American Psychological Association. Learn what Contributing Editor Andrew Henry heard from several students interviewed about the problems facing the country in these polarizing times.
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THE SENSITIVES, Tribeca Film Festival, 2017 – Part 2: Wrapping Up Q&A with Director Drew Xanthopoulos

By Gregg Morris
April 25, 2017

[Public Screening, Wednesday, April 26, 8:30 p.m., Regal Cinemas, Battery Park 11-4]

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THE SENSITIVES, Tribeca Film Festival Film Documentary Review and Q & A

By Gregg Morris
April 24, 2017

A compelling portrait of the lives of three families who found refuge in the picturesque American Southwest where the environment there helps them to deal with the harmful effects of inexplicable health disorders that weigh in on them physically and emotionally. A must see at the Tribeca Film Festival.

[Public Screening, Wednesday, April 26, 8:30 p.m., Regal Cinemas, Battery Park 11-4]

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VR, Gaming at the Tribeca Film Festival

By James Kelly, Senior Editor & Tribeca Film Festival Special Correspondent

On Saturday, April 29, Hideo Kojima will be discussing his visions for the future of gaming. James Kelly has been following him since childhood.

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Legendary Game Creator Hideo Kojima at Inaugural Tribeca Games Festival

By Gregg Morris, April 11, 2017

HIdeo Kojima

Games Festival to Open with Mura Masa Concert, Feature Keynote Conversations with Max Payne Creator Sam Lake and BioShock Director/Writer Ken Levine Plus Talks On Overwatch, Firewatch, the Watch Dogs Universe and Much More.

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2017 Tribeca Film Festival Snapchat Shorts Finalists

By Gregg Morris, April 6, 2017

Five Snapchat Shorts finalists will premiere at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival in New York City on Tuesday, April 25 at the Cinepolis Chelsea Theatre on West 23rd Street, Manhattan. The Tribeca Snapchat Shorts was created in an effort to discover visionary artists in the mobile space. Below, the finalists in a celebratory mood.

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Tribeca Film Festival and the Atlantic Announce Finalists for Tribeca X Award

Ten finalists, 9 short films and 1 Virtual Reality project were selected from a field of 600 entries that represent the best in storytelling at the intersection of advertising and entertainment from the past year. The award highlights excellence in creative, original and authentic storytelling that is sponsored or underwritten by a brand.
Click here for article by Gregg Morris, April 6.

Tribeca Film Festival 2017 TV Lineup

By Gregg Morris
Featuring 15 shows including five series premieres, four season premieres, three independent pilots, one feature documentary, and one very special sneak peek.

Click here for March 30, 2017 article.

10th Annual International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

By Special Correspondent and Senior Editor Kadia Goba at the U.N.
March 29,2017

This year’s theme, “recognizing the legacy and contributions of people of African descent,” was fulfilled by acknowledging the sordid past of slavery while honoring the contributions of its survivors and descendants. Malaysia, Romania, Sri Lanka, Norway, Moldova, Germany, Equatorial New Guinea, Cuba and the United States were among some of the nations represented at the program.

The transatlantic slave trade was the largest forced migration in history, and undeniably one of the most inhumane. The extensive exodus of Africans spread to many areas of the world over a 400-year period and was unprecedented in the annals of recorded human history, according to the U.N. As a direct result of the transatlantic slave trade, the greatest movement of Africans was to the Americas — with 96 per cent of the captives from the African coasts arriving on cramped slave ships at ports in South America and the Caribbean Islands.
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Tribeca Film Festival 2017 N.O.W. Lineup


A curated selection of 10 independent online creators’ latest works representative of the industry’s freshest voices and most original forms of storytelling, all invited to showcase their latest work on and at a screening as official Tribeca selections.
By Gregg Morris, March 26, 2017

And the Spring Semester Begins … Without the Flu!

Another article in a series of stories about Hunter students kicking off 2017.
By Caitlin Munson, March 26, 2017

Spring Semester Begins

By Carlos Diaz March 23, 2017
On a cold winter morning, January 30, 2017, the entrances of Hunter swelled with students entering the campus for the start of the spring semester. One of a series of stories about the start of 2017.
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By Gregg Morris, March 17 2017

Ray Smilie (played by Pruitt Taylor Vince) has bad things in mind for Zooey (played smartly by Kirara Glasco).

One hell of a movie. Heavy on terror, rife with sinister happenings. More terror than gore but gore there is about this cool family that moves into a marvelous house in this small Texan town and comes under siege from Satanic forces.
Click here for movie, which opened today at the IFC Center in Manhattan, New York City and is available on VOD.

Tribeca Film Festival Media Credential Notification for WORD Senior Editors Kadia Goba, James Kelly

By Gregg Morris, March 14, 2017
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