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A Riveting, Sweeping Cinematic Saga: SWEETWATER by Writer-Director Martin Guigui

SWEETWATER doesn’t blink, doesn’t shy away, mostly certainly doesn’t shrug as it mesmerizes and resonates and, again, is sweeping in scope in its way of telling the bitter-sweet epic saga of Nat “Sweetwater” Clifton. The elements that make a movie a 5-star movie soar most certainly beyond imagination in this film: Casting – wisely selected. Plot and subplots – astutely rendered. Settings & themes & subthemes – marvelously done. Review by Gregg W. Morris

SUMMONING SYLVIA LGBTQ Horror Comedy Film Review – Warning! Are You Ready to Die Laughing? 🤣

The Horror Collective has released its North American theatrical and TVOD release of a daredevil LGBTQ horror comedy smothered in layers of cinematic derring-do. Written and directed with considerable aplomb by Wesley Taylor (Smash, The Spongebob Musical, it’s soon to recur on Hulu’s “Only Murders in the Building”) and Alex Wyse (Marvel’s IRON FISH, soon to join Broadway’s Good Night, Oscar). It hit theaters nationwide March 31, 2023 and is scheduled for Cable VOD and Digital HD, four days from now: April 7, 2023.

STILL THE WATER is an exquisitely made 5-star art house film that is transcendent – yet audiences should know up front that scenes linger and linger and linger in an exquisite storytelling style that may test the patience of the not so patient

Unveiled at Cannes Nine years ago but not released theatrically until now. Premiered on VOD & digital MARCH 3, 2023. Streaming on Prime Video, Amazon, iTunes, Google Pay, VUDU Fandango, AppleTV, kanopy, DirectTV. Imagine getting into a sublime luxury car…

Film Review of Recently Re-released IRRESVERSIBLE (2002) with its companion IRREVERSIBLE: STRAIGHT CUT (2023) by Gaspar Noé.

Excerpt from the production notes: “On the original release of IRREVERSIBLE, critics responded vehemently, and the relationship between the violence of the film and its form was central to how it was perceived and valued. However, as yet, there has been little critical response to the Straight Cut and, as a result, there has been little discussion about how the revised structure impacts on the film’s meaning and the permissibility of its depiction of violence.”

This reviewer wonders what respected American filmmakers in these contemporary times will be saying about the new release. What will respected Filmmakers of Color as well as respected Film Reviewers of Color say? Last, but absolutely not least, what’s will be on the minds of respected women filmmakers and film reviewers? – Review by Gregg W. Morris