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SEVAP/MITZVAH directed by Sabina Vajraca

Short films have become popular because they can provide a cost-effective learning experience for filmmakers and because of increasing audience diversity – though SEVAP/MITZVAH has the look and feel of a feature. That train of thought has this writer-reviewer imagining Director/Writer Sabina Varjraca’s 17-minute virtuoso SEVAP/MITZVAH is in the works to become a SEVAP/MITZVAH feature film. – Review by Gregg W. Morris

2023 Tribeca Fest Film Review: ROLLING ALONG – Part 1

ROLLING ALONG resonates like an enigmatic, bittersweet, raconteuring memoir which also provided a compelling dish of Americana rarely seen on the Big Screen.
Bradley’s talking about intimately personal and professional moments and periods of his life – woven into a nonfiction film narrative – is arresting, especially because he is alluding to much bigger matters. It should be seen, and seen more than once. Serious filmgoers, cinephiles, aficionados and film buffs know good and really good films have to be seen more than once since it’s rare for viewers to understand all there is to a movie. – Review by Gregg W. Morris

2023 Film Review: UNCONDITIONAL – Part 1
A Riveting Story Told in a Remarkable Kaleidoscopic Documentary Style by Director Richard Lui About How Mental Illness Effects American Families

Nearly 58 million Americans, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, must deal with a mental health challenge each year. About 53 million Americans, according to the AARP, are family caregivers, who face their own emotional distress in caring for loved ones. This is a story about an issue facing 100 million people. Article by Gregg W. Morris.

ONE NIGHT WITH ADELA 2023 Tribeca Fest Film Review

“Nobody (in the audience) moved when it ended,” Director Hugo Ruiz is quoted as saying in an interview with Cineuropa magazine, “and everybody stayed for the Q&A after the screening. Several people told me that at the start, Adela is extremely repellent, but then you come to understand the character’s bitterness.” – Review by Gregg W. Morris

Part II of 2023 Film Review, PRUNING, the Preternaturally Audaciously Made Film Short by Director Lola Blanc & Starring Madeline Brewer that Blew This Reviewer’s Mind

Background Information, Including PRUINING PR Apparatus Info Filmmaker, actor, musician and co-host of Trust Me, Lola Blanc is premiering her film, Pruning at the Palm Springs Shortfest 2023. PRUNING is being publicized as a psychological horror film about a right-wing commentator…

MOON GARDEN Film Review 2023 – Part 2

Bios – Principal Crew Writer-Director-Editor-Animator-Sound Designer, Ryan Stevens Harris: An award-winning filmmaker, editor, and exhibited artist. Studied filmmaking in London and at the USC School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles, where he co-founded Fire Trial Films, a boutique production…