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A Riveting Micro Budgeted Movie With the Heart, Soul and Panache of a Hollywood Blockbuster: JUMP, DARLING

A kinetic, melodramatic romp of orgasmic cinematic delights with a sizzling film score, steamy dance scenes, unflinching cinematographic verisimilitude, savvy directing and acting in a family drama movie genre rarely rendered on screen: A family drama with class fused with drag culture.
A few of its many accolades: FilmOut San Diego, US, Best Supporting Actress Cloris Leachman and Best First Narrative Feature, Phil Connell; L.A. Outfest, US, Grand Jury Prize, International Feature Special Mention, Cloris Leachman; Lovers Film Festival, Italy, Young Lovers Jury, Matthew Shepherd Award, Phil Connell. More accolades inside. – Review by Gregg W. Morris.

Damn the OMICRON, Full Speed Ahead to See a Movie
GIVE OR TAKE Opening February 11 2020– And on DVD & Digital February 22, 2022

Early Reviews: The Austin Chronicle hailed it as a “genial dramedy reminiscent of Zach Braff’s GARDEN STATE.” Midwest Film Journal: The film is a refreshingly naturalistic drama with kind characters, clever writing and a sympathetic story that gives “a touching depiction of bereavement and contemplation of identity.” See lots more talk about GIVE AND TAKE in article.
By Gregg W. Morris

DOC NYC BOYCOTT Film Review – Part 2

Check out the video Q&A to learn a lot about what one would want to know about the attack on the right to boycott if one knew the right questions to ask to prepare for the right action to take. Part 2 BOYCOTT film review by Gregg W. Morris

Film Short Review
I AM, 26 Minutes of Cinematic Ebullience

A female techie, Nigerian, living the life of a recluse in a remote German forest, on an evening jog inadvertently crosses paths with an android, also female, prostate and comatose on the ground – and decides to carry it home. Stunning cinematography … but there’s one hitch: The storyline is so ephemerally gauzy and byzantine, it’s as if the the filmmakers decided that the out-of-this-world cinematography was more than enough for their film – and left it to audiences to figure out a plot for themselves.
Review by Gregg W. Morris.


Because human remains and “the pasquinade teeth of Vito Morelli” were somehow grounded into Tablioni’s famous meat sausage that everyone craves, residents in the California town, if not the state or the rest of the country, are at risk of becoming human shish kabobs and slop-sloppy Joes – and zombies.
By Gregg W. Morris