DOC NYC 2019
WAGING CHANGE – The Q&A That Was More A Than Q – Video 1

Directed by Abby Ginzberg, World Premier, November 8 Screening: A blazing documentary featuring activist attorney and author Saru Jayaraman & actresses Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda and many others – such as activist leaders Nataki Rhodes of Chicago, Andrea Velasquez of Detroit and Wardell Harvey of New Orleans and Restaurant Opportunities Centers AKA ROC-United. It’s spellbinding story telling that weaves together the progressive movements for change driven by women activists to end the federal tipped minimum wage of $2.13 for restaurant servers and bartenders and to support #MeToo to end sexual harassment.

Ginzberg tells the Q& A audience why she made the film:

“This film came to me because I heard Saru speak four years ago, I think it was. And I thought if I did not know that the tip minimum wage in many states was $2.13 an hour, there were going to be a lot of other people who didn’t know it. So I’m going to ask the audience, how many of you came in here tonight knowing that the tip minimum wage in 17 states, if you’re not like a friend of mine and been living through this film with me, how many of you knew that? A group of you knew. How many of you had never heard of it, that there was a two … okay, that’s why I made the film.”

Viewing Time 7 Minutes


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