XY CHELSEA Red Carpet, Tribeca Film Festival 2019

[Chelsea Manning, a former U.S. Army soldier and intelligence analyst convicted of leaking classified U.S. documents to WikiLeaks about the  torture and abuse of detainees and the unreported deaths of over 15,000 civilians involving the U.S. military. While imprisoned, Manning, a trans woman, also began to transition medically. The documentary offers insight to her motivations for whistleblowing … also doubles for a blueprint on how patriotic Americans can resist an unlawful ruler. It premiered at TFF May. Is scheduled to premiere June 1 on Showtime.]


Setting Up for the $$$ Shot

Janus Rose Selfie Time.

Getting Ready for the carpet walk.

TFF Staff. Anonymous!


In the works for the next few days – More pictures to be added, more people to be identified.

News Update: Chelsea Manning interviewed this date, May 12, on CNN’s Reliable Sources


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