2019 Tribeca Film Festival Red Carpet THE DOG DOC

As a founding father of integrative veterinary medicine, Dr. Marty Goldstein is one of the people responsible for building a mecca for holistic care, offering hope to scores of previously hopeless animals and their owners. Combining conventional medical training with cutting edge alternative therapies, Dr. Marty’s deeply empathetic philosophy offers a vital example of how improving overall health rather than merely treating disease can be transformative for all living beings. – TFF’s Dan Hunt.

Director Cindy Meehl & the Dog Doc, Dr. Marty Goldstein.

Center: Meg & Marty. Flanking left and right,  family and friends.

A working pro going for the money shot(s): Director Cindy Meehl.

Director Cindy Meehl. Another money shot.

Setting up everyone for a money shot!

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