Author: Greggory W Morris

THE DARK Returns!!!

At the Cinema Village Cinema, 22 E 12th St, NYC, 11 p.m. tonight The New York Times said in a recent review, “In ‘The Dark,’ a Traumatized Teenager Becomes a Zombie.” Hogwash! See this great movie and decided for yourself.…

Richard Prince’s Journal-isms – August 25, 2018

This issues headlines: After 40+ Years, the University ‘Broke My Heart’; Fired for Sharing an Article: Reporter Posted Piece on ‘White Women’s Tears; Paper Urges Restraint as Trump Bashes Immigrant; Daughter Denies Key Quote in New Till Case; Fearful Cuban Journalist Seeks Asylum in U.S.; Garcia to Receive Diversity Leadership Award; Aretha Services to Be Streamed, Televised; Threats Prompt April Ryan to Hire Bodyguard; CNN Suspends Trump Surrogate After Revelation; N. C. Papers Praise Students’ Takedown of Statue; 38 J-Students Travel Nation to Document Hate; Chicago Photographers Recall ’68 DNC Riots