Author: Editor Gregg Morris

A Tribeca Film Festival 2022 Must See!
Film Review of Director Peter Hengl’s FAMILY DINNER {♦ LAST PUBLIC SCREENING, Wednesday, 6/15 @ 8:15 p.m. – Tribeca Film Center}

The bravura filmmaking will keep audiences on the edge of their seats 90-plus minutes, and Director-Writer Hengl accomplishes this sans the customary horror film trimmings used by many filmmakers to add zest to their zestless cinemas: Gore, zombies, demonic possessions, X-rated prurience, CGI. Review by Gregg W. Morris.

17th Annual Tribeca Film Festival Brings Small Screen Storytelling to The Big Screen …

The 2018 Tribeca Film Festival, supported by AT&T, will debut highly anticipated TV shows and introduce audiences to online storytellers without boundaries in its Tribeca TV and N.O.W. (New Online Work) sections. Those will includes 18 shows made up of eight series premieres, three season premieres, one mid-season premiere, two feature documentaries and five indie pilots.