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2021 DOC NYC Film Review Teaser: PUNCH 9 FOR HAROLD WASHINGTON – Part 1

Director Joe Winston chronicles the historic legacy of Chicago’s first African American Mayor, Harold Washington. PUNCH 9 FOR HAROLD WASHINGTON draws on archival footage of 1980s Chi-Town with all its corruption and racial discrimination as well as the resilience and determination of Black Chi-Towners. IT includes candid interviews with Rev. Jesse Jackson, David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett. The film shows Washington’s political repertoire of skills and stratagems as well as stinging betrayals, and unlikely victories.

Winston and his filmmakers believe Washington’s legacy continues to resonate for the Windy City and the nation, confronting the never ending social issues that undermined the country.
By Gregg W. Morris

CHI-TOWN Film Review

A hell of a documentary by Director Nick Budabin telling a bittersweet saga about the basketball playing years of Keifer Sykes, who has the indomitable spirit of an African American Everyman, soaring on the courts as a pint-size wunderkind and off as a loving uncle, father and comrade as he pursues his dreams. This film is as much about life, especially life in Chicago, as it is about basketball.