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A 2020 selection at the Sitges Film Festival and FrightFest: The family patriarch (AKA Dad, Hubbie) at the wheel of the family car menacingly tailgates a slow moving van, thus pissing off (irriteren) the van driver, a sociopathic killing machine who doffs a yellow hazmat suit so that he can safely spray a fatally toxic, flesh-burning concoction on people who fail to apologize appropriately for insulting him. Whoa! A metaphorical masterpiece about Dutch society?
By Gregg W. Morris

Juries Selected for 17th Annual Tribeca Film Festival April 18-29

The members of 10 juries, reflecting the tone and texture of the annual cultural showcase celebrating storytelling in film, television, virtual reality, music and games, will be tasked with honoring the new works of emerging and established members of the creative community with unique art awards and cash prizes as they present their works at the annual Festival.

Meet the Real People of DETROIT

YouTube Vignettes Courtesy Annapurna Pictures The verisimilitude of the film is stunning and audiences will feel as if they are eye witnesses. A report of gunshots near a National Guard staging area during the week of a violent urban uprising…

Kadia Goba Reviews AUDRIE & DAISY

By Senior Editor Kadia Goba – October 4, 2016 This Netflix film documents the excruciating stories of Audrie Pott, 16, of Texas, and Daisy Coleman, 14, of Missouri, who were raped by teenage boys. Reports and accounts of the sexual…