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Destination of old published stories.

WHITE GIRL Film Review

What Quentin Tarantino did for the aestheticization of mind f*cking cinematic violence, Director-Writer Elizabeth Wood’s ravishing work of soft porn may do for filmmakers daring to feature libidinous white females who gorge on sex and drugs yet barely suffer the dire consequences and debasement that happen to real life profligates.

The WORD 54th New York Film Festival

Dear Greggory W., Congratulations! You have been accredited to cover the upcoming 54th New York Film Festival. Press & Industry screenings will begin the week of September 19, and the P&I screening information and schedule will be sent out soon.…

THE MODEL Film Review

THE MODEL is majestic and seductive and those gems and a truly imaginative script will keep your mind and eyes focused for the first 68 minutes as Director/Writer Mads Matthiesen takes his time – and I mean takes his time – meticulously and exquisitely spinning the story of Emma (Maria Palm), a fetching ingénue ever there was one, and the high fashion industry’s unflinching debauchery that awaits her.